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In recent years, CBD oil has exploded into the mainstream market. Seemingly overnight, we are seeing applications of CBD oil, from acne to anxiety. Haircare is also not exempt from this. There are now shampoos, conditioners, and hair gels that are infused with CBD oil....

It's laughable even if it wasn't met to be a joke. Photographer Endia Beal discussed her new series, "Can I Touch It?". The rules were simple: After getting their new.

It's no surprise that you don't see too many people in your community or city sporting the natural hair look. Most people you meet or will probably meet will be surprise with your natural hair. Natural hair has been and is being talked about in...
Some folks have taken the liberty of photoshopping the first lady wearing natural hair. Take a look below... From confessionsofablogvixen.com. This is a photo shopped image of our beautiful first lady rocking this fierce and powerful looking natural hair afro. We, at bestnaturalhairvideos.com, think she...

The title may be misleading for some as this is not a natural hair trimming tutorial, but more of a guideline on how to best trim your hair. One of.

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