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None of the natural hair types are the same and the care requirements are also varied from one hair type to another. Knowing your hair type may save you lots of money in the long run when it comes to buying hair care products. Equipped...
It's laughable even if it wasn't met to be a joke. Photographer Endia Beal discussed her new series, "Can I Touch It?". The rules were simple: After getting their new styles, the women had to agree to be photographed in a traditional corporate portrait, even...

It's no surprise that you don't see too many people in your community or city sporting the natural hair look. Most people you meet or will probably meet will be.

Hello Ladies, Is the natural hair craze another trend or is it here to stay?  Many believe it is here to stay but some don’t think so. According to this article by Elonlocalnews.com many of their students are switching to the natural hair look while...

Some folks have taken the liberty of photoshopping the first lady wearing natural hair. Take a look below... From confessionsofablogvixen.com. This is a photo shopped image of our beautiful first.

The title may be misleading for some as this is not a natural hair trimming tutorial, but more of a guideline on how to best trim your hair. One of the big questions that all 'naturalistas' have in common is how to trim natural hair?...
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