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How To Trim Natural Hair?

The title may be misleading for some as this is not a natural hair trimming tutorial, but more of a guideline on how to best trim your hair. One of the big questions that all ‘naturalistas’ have in common is how to trim natural hair? We have looked around to find the answers for our guests, but it turns out there isn’t a specific answer that would satisfy all.

Natural hair trimming is mostly based on your individual styling…well duh! Like we didn’t know… right! So what does this mean for you especially if you are new to the whole natural hair trend or don’t know the best way to trim your own individual type or style of hair.

The answer to this may not satisfy everyone as everyone has different natural hair patterns but there are some general guidelines to keep in mind. We, at africanamericanhairstylevideos.com, took it upon ourselves to uncover “the secret”.  According to the guys and gals at clutchmagonline.com the frequency of one’s trim depends solely on them.

While the frequency of one’s trim is totally up to them, most curly-haired experts will agree that it depends on what hair practices you have been adhering to. Tons of heat in your hair may result in the need to trim as often as once every month. If the hair is kept in a fuss-free bun most of the time, one to two times a year may work best. Keeping natural hair moisturized and supple is of utmost importance as dry hair is more susceptible to breakage and damage.

Their How-To methods are somewhat vague but there are some good points to take home, like if you straighten your hair often it makes sense for you to trim your hair after straightening it.

Although there are different methods of trimming natural hair, your specific method depends on how you want to style your hair. If you like to straighten your hair it makes more sense to trim it once straightened. The wet or dry debate will forever come up, but again, the preference is yours. If you are doing an at-home trim job, opt for hair cutting shears. Cheap, paper-cutting scissors are dull and can end up damaging your hair. The sharper, the better.

While they didn’t go into detail on whether one should trim with wet or dry hair, which is a big debate amongst natural hair enthusiast. I feel like I should put in my two sense. I’ve only ever done it dry for my type of hair when I was looking to trim my hair the best way I knew was to straighten it so that I could find the protruding ends. This is just my experience. Please feel free to share yours in the comment section below and you can read the whole article by checking out this link clutchmagonline.com

Let me know which method works best for you.  Do you find it most comfortable cutting your hair yourself,  having a friend do it for you, or going to a salon to have it done?

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