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African American Hairstyle Videos – AAHV

Popular Natural Hairstyles for Black Women


Want To Know How To Style Your Little Girl’s Hair For Back To School? This Video Will Show You How.


It is the time of year when school is back in session. For parents, it is both thrilling and depressing, thrilling because our little ones are about to embark on a new grade with new and possibly old friends, depressing because regardless of how much trouble they caused at home over the summer we know we’re going to miss their stirring presence. And, not only that, now comes the decision on the kind of hairstyle to do.

We may have relaxed a little bit over the summer when doing hair was not a priority, unless there was an event. Now it’s front and center, particularly in the beginning of the school year.

This video presents a style that’s very fashionable and classy. Styles like this aren’t required to have a successful first week, however, it helps instill in us our parental pride. The kind of pride you feel when other parents are asking or telling us how gorgeous and stylish that hairstyle look and how can they achieve similar results.

The video below walks us through how to get this done properly, and the kind of products that were used to accomplish this. Sit back, watch, and enjoy the great music accompanied by this tutorial. You will not be disappointed and that’s a promise we can comfortably make to you, our loyal visitors. Putting it the crochet braids in will take some time, especially if you have never done it before, but the end result is a modern and beautiful hairstyle that will last for weeks.

Even though back to school hairstyle is the subject here, it is not limited to just that. This style can be leaned upon for all occasions. That’s not a misstatement. Take a look at the pictures below for more context.

We hope this video was helpful in supporting your decision on the kind of hairstyle you and your little one decided on for back to school. If you have any other styles, that you think will be useful, in mind please let us know in the comments. Enjoy!

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