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4 Magical Carrier Oils for Dry, Rough, and Unhealthy Hair


Your hair is very fragile, and it should be cared diligently to keep it in a healthier condition. In fact, many hair specialists say that everyone should treat their hair like a baby, and they are right. Adopting a healthy lifestyle and taking balanced diet is not enough to give your hair a healthy life. There are several factors responsible for making hair rough, dry, and unhealthy. If you are looking for a permanent solution to get rid of rough, dry, and unhealthy hair without emptying your purse, you should give a try to any of these 4 magical Carrier oils.

  1. Avocado Oil

hair maskHair becomes dry, dull, frizzy, and weak because of poor nutrition, extensive chemical treatment, hair styling, harsh UV rays, and other environmental factors. Applying cold compressed oil of Avocado regularly as a hair mask will truly improve the appearance and texture of your hair. The carrier oil of avocado comprises a lot of monosaturated fats, which when applied to the scalp and hair strands moisturize and nourish the hair strands. This amazing oil offers all the nutritional supports which are needed to maintain a long, lustrous, and beautiful hair. Comprising a lot of vitamin contents, the avocado carrier oil is also proven quite beneficial in protecting the hair from environmental stress and damage.

How to Use It:

Take a few drops of avocado oil and massage your scalp gently to allow it to penetrate deeply into the scalp for unclogging blocked follicles, and promoting hair re-growth.

  1. Coconut Oil

coconut oil treatmentWhen talking about hair care, the magic of coconut oil cannot be neglected. This oil comprises all the nutritional and therapeutic values which are needed to keep the hair in a shiny, silky, strong and lustrous condition. Comprising a great amount of lauric acid, fatty acids, proteins, vitamins, and minerals, coconut oil penetrates deeply into the scalp to moisturize and condition the scalp intensely, repair split ends, stimulate faster hair growth, and add a healthy glow to tresses. The carbohydrate, vitamins, and minerals present in the coconut oil are also quite beneficial in making hair strong and protect from the effect of premature aging.

How to Use It?

Take a tablespoon of coconut oil and apply it gently over the scalp and hair strands before going to bed to keep the hair in healthy and beautiful condition.

  1. Olive Oil

olive oil honey hairIt is not wrong to say that olive oil is all in one natural solution for those who are struggling with different hair problems. Enriched with potent fatty acids, antioxidants, carbohydrate, vitamins, and mineral contents, olive oil penetrates deeply into the scalp to give hair a smoother, sleeker, and healthier appearance.

How to Use it:

A Gentle massage of hair and scalp using this oil is great for getting healthier, beautiful, and gorgeous locks.

  1. Jojoba Oil

10-Jojoba-Oil-UsesFor dry, dull, and unhealthy hair, jojoba oil can work wonders. It comprises a great amount of Vitamin E and Omega 6 and 9 fatty acids, which make it an ideal oil to nourish your hair. Comprising a lot of antioxidants, the carrier oil of jojoba has proven quite effective and beneficial for protecting the hair against chemicals and other environmental damage.

How to use it:

Massage your scalp using this miracle oil on a regular basis to keep your hair healthy, shiny, and nourished condition.

The benefits of using these oils are not limited to hair; these carrier oils also work as great skin care products. But, for getting the best hair or skin care benefits, you need to buy only 100% natural and quality natural oils. It is advised to approach a trusted supplier like Allin Exporters to make a confident and safe transaction online.



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