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Black Women's Natural Hair Styles – A.A.H.V

Black natural hair care products

Category: Kids

Little girl natural hairstyle ideas. chocolate hair and kid hairstyles

[memberplayer id=”2609″] Faux locs are the perfect protective style, for adults and children. The way to achieve this look is different for everyone, which makes it ideal, because you don’t have to follow specific set of guidelines. The idea behind faux locs are simple, but it takes time and efforts. Specially, if you are doing […]

Kid’s French Braid Hairstyle

On Jan 29, 2013

Hello Ladies, I love to style my daughter’s hair, but sometimes I just run out of unique ideas to do.  On those occasions I love to find stuff online.  I came across this video tutorial and wa

Hello Ladies, If you have children and you really don’t have much experience with how to wash, condition, and detangle; than this is a great video to watch and get acquainted with.  LoveTheNewMe walks you through this process step by step showing you the proper technique to cutting down on tangles and keeping it nice and smooth. I […]

Child’s Twist Out Styling

On Jul 31, 2012
http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=kJ0cz9Hlz_8 Hello, In this video you are walked through how to do a protective twist out style on a child’s hair.  I like how this style can be worn either in the twists and also when you taken down. The turn out is absolutel perfect… I hope you enjoy this video and check back for […]

Child’s Twist Out Tutorial

On Jul 13, 2012

[memberplayer id=”3190″] I love this little girls hair and she is too cute.  Her hair is obviously well cared for and in this video they demonstrate how to do a simple twist out that came

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