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AAHV’s Top 5 Best Hair Straighteners

As women, when it comes to glam, we’ll do almost anything to look fabulous. Let’s face it ladies the style and the way our hair coifs matter. So it’s important to have all the right hair tools at our disposal. Having the tools that can do the job well is the difference between spending hours getting ready in the morning; or having that extra hour to catch up on some much-needed sleep. Let’s not over-complicate things, let’s talk about what are some of the best hair straighteners out there.

When searching for the top hair straightener to buy it can be a time-consuming project. We get it, you don’t want to have to scour through page after page looking for the right one. The idea of having everything assembled in one place can be very advantageous. And that’s exactly what we’ve done by putting together some of the finest flat irons in the market.

Why Buy Hair Straightener?

Since you’re here reading this article you probably don’t really need any reason from us to buy one, however, if you’re not yet convinced you needed one, then you probably don’t. We’re not here to persuade you one way or another; we’re here to provide you with the best information you need to make educated decisions.

If you’re looking for a unique styling tool that can captivate the look that you get from your beauty salon, we’re talking about that straighten sleek look, then you’re going to want the top hair straightener as your tool of choice. Hair straighteners are also known as flat irons, they have heated plates that are used to straighten dry hair. They are perfect for straightening curly or unruly cuticles.

What all hair straightener has in common is that they all straighten hair, but that’s also where the similarity ends. When buying a flat iron you want to look deeper than just the ability to straighten hair.  You want something that’s durable and one that will work well with any hair type. Choosing the wrong flat iron can burn and damage your hair. Most flat irons tend to have similar look to them so you need to also look beyond that as well. Here is what you can look for when choosing the best flat iron.

The Type Of Plate Materials Technology That Are Found In Hair Straighteners

Many of the hair straightener you’ll find in today’s market will have plates that are made of ceramic, titanium or the multi-colored semi-precious gemstone known as tourmaline that can be found in both. When these materials are heated they produce negative ions that make the process of smoothing and sealing the cuticle of hair strands possible. This is where your hair type plays a big role because if you use the wrong plate material your hair will get damaged.

Ceramic Plated Flat Irons

Flat irons that are made out of ceramic plates can maintain high temperatures and distribute heat evenly well. It gives you a shinier and less frizzy hair with very minor to no damage. When buying a ceramic flat iron you can either purchase solid ceramic plates that are pricier, or you can purchase ceramic-coated plates that are more affordable. Ceramic hair straighteners work great for thin to thick hair types.

Titanium Plated Flat Irons

Titanium plates also output high and consistent heat in high temperatures, but they give out higher ionic output when compare to the ceramic plates. Whether you have coarse hair that is hard to straighten, thick or undamaged hair a titanium plate will work great for that type of hair.  This doesn’t mean if you have thin hair you cannot use it you just have to set it on low temperatures.

Tourmaline Flat Iron Benefits

Unlike the other two, tourmaline doesn’t stand on its own as other plate materials do. It is a gemstone that is typically crushed up and permeated into ceramic or titanium plates. Flat irons that are infused with tourmaline works great for coarse hair mainly because as you straighten your hair it diminishes friction, which guarantees a nice ultra-sleek look and less breakage. It is awesome in the sense that it allows the straightener to heat the hair rather rapidly when compares to other irons, this allows less heat to be applied to the strands. Irons that are made with tourmaline get rid of static, which means you don’t have frizz to deal with.

Metal Plate Flat Irons

Metal plate flat irons are some of the cheapest. They work great on unruly hair, but if not careful can cause hair damage. The heat is not evenly distributed across the surface, in which case you’ll have hot spots on the plate that might burn and damage your hair. They also tend to cause friction as you pull the hair between the plates.

Temperature Adjustment

Most of today’s hair straighteners come with temperature controls. This is a great recognition by the companies that make them when it comes to hair, not all hair types are alike. Temperature control is key to prevent burning, frizzing, and damaging hair. This is even more important if your hair is already damaged, or chemically treated. You can diminish split ends just by being able to adjust the temperature to what your hair can handle.

Plate Size

The size is purely based on your hair type and whether you have long or short hair. If you have long and coarse natural hair you need to go for the 2” or larger in plate size, this allows you to be more effective, and save you time. However, if you have short or fine hair go for the 1.5” or smaller. It’s as simple as that.

Our Top 5 Hair straighteners

If you want your hair to either be straight or curly you might want to invest in the best hair straightener there is. This means you want something that is safe, reliable, and inexpensive. Some people might say that’s too much to ask but here at AAHV, we think otherwise. You should have the best tool at your disposal without having to spend a small fortune. That’s why we’ve researched and prepared this top five best straighteners that will save you money, time, and effort.

The way we chose these straighteners are based on professional and home use of each product. We looked at reviews from a popular site like Amazon – in order to make sure there is a broad consensus that the product work and a variety of people have had the experience of using it. So we looked at the product’s performance, the average length of time it lasted, its affordability; this means getting the most out of your money spent, and most importantly that it is compatible with all hair types.

We’re beginning with the BaBylissPro Nano Titanium-Plated Straightening Iron with an average 4-star rating and 1066 customer reviews, you certainly can’t go wrong. This amazing little guy is paired with the benefits of titanium-plated plates for the sleekest styles. The natural ions reduce frizz. It produces heat of up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit instantly, so a big time saver. Fast heat recovery for styling efficiently with no damaging hot spot. The one concern with this one is the word ‘nano’ which means it has a very small amount of titanium. If that’s a concern for you then check out number 2 below.

This 100% solid ceramic which makes this one of the best quality hair straightening irons for home used. Like we’ve discussed above this is not ceramic-coated plates that will chip off. This will transfer heat evenly for many uses with no hot spot that can cause hair damage. It comes with a neat little LCD display for more accurate temperature reading, you can control the temp between 175 to 450 Fahrenheit. Looking for bouncy curls? Its unique shape allows the ISA Professional Hair Straightener to do more than straightening your hair

 HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic

HSI is a great company that delivers salon-quality styling tools to consumers. They provide the highest quality hair straightener products in the market. This one in a ceramic plated flat iron is the perfect choice for transforming frizzy hair into beautiful and gorgeous straight or curly locks. You will be looking for excuses to have to use it. Use it beautifully on thick, coarse, and tough hair that cannot be tamed easy. It may seem a bit pricey but you’ll get great professional use out of it. It is easy to control the heat which makes it very effective at straightening without damaging your hair.

Get amazing shine and eliminate frizz for healthier looking hair without having to pull hard on your hair. You can use it to make beautiful curls. It heats up fairly quickly and will give your hair a sleek beautiful look. You get hair salon-quality results without leaving your home. This works for any type of hair beginning with very thin and all the way to thick or coarse hair and in between. The iron plates come infused with argan oil to give you the very nice shine finish. There are 30 heat settings, the temperature range from 225 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit

Remington has been around for over 70 years giving consumers what they want. If you have unruly frizz, this one comes packaged with frizz resistant micro-conditioners they are infused with next-generation ceramic plate. This one is on the cheaper side because it is only coated with high-performance ceramic coating, but don’t let that deter you from using it. This is perfect to give as a gift to a friend or family member. It’s also part of the Remington Style Therapy collection, that’s a hair care system that conditions the hair while styling. 

What’s The Best Flat Iron For Me?

That all depends on your hair type. We hope you found this information helpful in deciding what hair straightener to get. Even if our top 5 doesn’t include yours, but arming with this information the hope is that it’ll make it easier on you to decide as to which one will be best for your hair type.

Regardless of whether you want to straighten your hair or create beautiful curls, these hair straighteners will sure look gorgeous as you now in possession of quality tools from brands that are trusted. Now you can create all the fabulous and professional-looking hairstyles you’ve always wanted.

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