Big Chop Natural Hair – How To Go From Relaxed To Natural? Our Transitioning Series

Making the transition from relaxed to natural hair is not easy, for a process that should really be exciting. Few of the many issues that arise often is the problem of loosing length, and others disapproving and disappointed with you going natural, or to put it simply – naysayers – they’re everywhere. There is no going natural without doing the big chop and that for many is a no-can-do.

There is no easy way to say it, ‘just suck it up’. You may had length before, but guest what, they were damaged. Find a role model, someone with your hair type and follower along in their journey. Get advice on how to transition from relaxed to natural hair from hair professionals at beauty salons near you. They’ll be more than happy to help you.

To get pass the naysayers, you just need to join a good natural hair online or offline support group, that will assist you with all the transitioning hair tips you need. Trust me, there are numerous groups out there that you can get in touch with to join the natural hair movement.

I’ve created a going natural from relaxed hair series below, feel free to follow along. They’re more of a general guideline, you do not have to follow it if you find other methods work better.  It also includes a how to gorgeous  straw set hairstyles for black women.

Our transitioning to natural hair series. This is our video series on how to transition from relaxed or permed hair to natural hair. Here you will find information on how to transition to natural hair.