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My Product Recommendations for Healthy Natural Hair

My Natural Hair Journey

Eve SalomonForward:

Products are highly individualized.  What works for some spectacularly may not work for others and vice

versa.  The best way to rate a product is to try it yourself and see how it responds to your own personal chemistry…

My Experience:

The suggestions that I am providing in this article are what I have found to be helpful for my hair journey.  I find these products highly effective at what they do and simply want to share my experience in hopes that you too can experience what I have.


Keeping my hair moisturized is very important in my weekly process of doing my hair.  Obviously for the ‘natural hair’ type to thrive it needs to be infused with as much moisture as possible.  Using products that are more wholesome and made of naturally occurring ingredients is always going to be more beneficial than synthetic products that have the tendency to dry out the hair follicles, which is opposite what you want to have happened.

Getting access to these types of products is becoming easier and easier as more stores carry them.  Some areas may require you to go to a health food store or specialty shops, but this is not the norm.  For people who find themselves in these areas I highly recommend going online as a matter of convenience where you will have access to millions of products that can be delivered right to your door.  Amazon is a major provider of these specialty items and pretty much everyone knows amazon so there really is no excuse not to use the best products that you can get your hands on.  Sally’s Beauty Supply online is another great website for all to access.

The Washing Process:

I start out by wetting my hair very thoroughly making sure that all strands are no longer dry and brittle.  Once I am satisfied with that I add my favorite soap as a shampoo which is Lavender Castile Soap.  I love this soap and use it for everything.  I have been washing my hair with it for many years even though I have tried other products I find this to be the best shampoo and nothing else has yet to even come close.  Castile Soap is enriched with natural oils such as coconut oil, olive oil, hemp oil, and jojoba oil.

What makes this soap so unique for me is how quickly it lathers and begins to immediately remove any dirt and grime that may be present.  It washes away so easily I don’t really have to manipulate my hair much to get it all out.  This is always important to minimize breakage.

The next step it to rehydrate your hair and I do that with Tresseme Natural Conditioner.  I have been using this conditioner since I have gone natural and I really appreciate how it works.  I have used other conditioners in the past and found that they didn’t really do as good a job as the Tresseme.  I really like how the bottle is quite inexpensive as well as being large in volume, yet the hydration obtained from it is equal to that you would expect from a high priced salon product.  I lather my just-washed hair with a very liberal amount of conditioner and massage for some minutes making sure to get all my strands into contact with the product.

This is an ideal time to put on a conditioner cap and allow the conditioner to infuse with your hair for about 30 minutes or so if you were interested in doing some deep conditioning, however, I am most pressed for time and I just rinse it right after massaging it in.  I rinse the product out with slightly cooler water than I used to wash it to close and strengthen the hair shafts.

On some occasions, I will rinse out maybe 90% of the product and allow a very minuscule amount to remain to keep my hair somewhat hydrated beyond the washing process.  Since Tresseme is a natural product with no harsh chemicals in it I find there is no issue with it staying in my hair for an extended period of time, though I would not recommend this for all conditioners across the board.

When finished I use a towel to wrap my head and allow the remaining water to be soaked up.  I do not ring my hair as this causes unnecessary strain to the roots of the hair and encourages the hair to pop out at the roots mostly around the edges.  Allowing the water to soak up in this way also allows a brief opportunity for your hair to rewarm before the next step in the process.

Styling My Hair:

Once the washing and conditioning are done, I like to put my hair in simple two-strand twists to allow it time to dry.  The twists that I use the most are usually chunky twists as I like my hair to be full and voluminous and this works best for me.  I section my hair off in about 10 sections and begin to work on it one at a time.

Using my trusty spray bottle and wide tooth comb, I make sure the section is practically soaking with water and starting very gently at the roots I begin to comb and release the tangles.  For sections that are excessively tangled, I will finger detangle before I use my comb, but I do play it by ear.  I know what sections of my hair are more delicate than others and for those areas, I pay extra attention to make sure I don’t have much shedding.

I use a special concoction to hydrate my hair and scalp.  I learned it online and have been using it ever since.  I find that it stimulates hair growth and repairs damages with the powerful nutrients that it contains.  It is comprised of the following elements olive oil, sweet almond oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, and vitamin E.  I put this collaboration of ingredients together and keep it contained in a bottle that dispenses easily at the tip with light pressure.  I apply it very generously onto my scalp and hair and it just drinks it up.  It is very refreshing…

To lock in the moisture of my concoction and to further hydrate my strands I cap off the process by applying a small amount of Curl Enhancing Smoothie to each twist.  I love this product because it is comprised of all-natural ingredients and it is very easy to find both at stores and online.  The container is very voluminous and a little bit goes a long way.  You will find the following power items on the ingredients list shea butter, coconut oil, mango seed butter, avocado oil, vegetable glycerin, neem seed oil, carrot seed oil, vitamin e, and other great ingredients.  This product does what it says and enhances the curl of your twists and gives it a light hold.  The consistency of the products is white and creamy and it smells heavenly, at least to me it does…

The last and final process is the twisting itself which goes without elaboration or specification.  You simply apply the products as listed above, twist, and repeat.  It’s just that simple.

I allow my hair to completely dry to set the style and when released from the twist you have beautifully hydrated voluminous hair that is good to go for a week until you repeat this whole process again.

To keep my results looking great every day throughout the week I always wrap my hair in my trusty silk scarf while I sleep.  This will ensure that the moisture that took so long to infuse with my hair stays where I want it which is in my strands.  Cotton pillowcases with dry out your hair so if you don’t want to wrap your hair in silk at least invest in a satin pillowcase to hold on to that much-needed moisture.

Week by week I see my hair continue to repair itself from my previous years of heat damage and it is growing on a steady basis.  I find this to be a simple regimen to undertake and since I see so much success with it I don’t think I will be changing it anytime soon, but I am always open to improving so If I do find something even more beneficial I will always keep you posted…

Comment below let me know what ya think!

E. Salomon


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