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Here Are Some Workout Hairstyles For Women Of Color. These Workouts Are Inventive & Amazing

black women and exerciseOne thing we all agree on, for sure, is that we all can benefit from some type of workout or physical activity. There are many reasons for working out: we may want slimmer body, a six pack, weight loss, or just to keep our body moving. Whatever the reason(s) may be, it makes logical sense to have a plan in place for exercise. For black women, the dilemma is in what to do with our hair before and after a work out. How to style it before to help it breath during the workout and what do to after the workout is over to avoid frizz and breakage?

Some of the best hairstyles for African american women who work out are: short hair styles, curly perm, cornrow, and braid; braiding the hair using extensions is best, it can last for a long time and be very stylish. You don’t need to feel like those are your only options. There are many ways to upkeep your style now without having to make huge amends to it.

We don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. Those days are over. Nowadays, it’s all right for African American women to have great looking body and hair at the same time. We are bombarded on a regular basis with advertisement about staying fit, but nowhere do those ads tell us what to do with our hair before or after a workout regimen.

This article is one of many that aims at solving this issue for black women. It sucks having to choose between working out and having great looking hair. What if we want both? What then? I’m not saying it’s all good or bad news, but it’s workable.

Many of the common occurrences that black women who exercises face as they try to do both are: They feel like their hair looks uninteresting afterward, it doesn’t retain its style very well, it dries up and builds frizz, and it creates itchy scalp. These are just a few among the common factors that plague black women who exercises regularly.

Why Does That Happen To Our Hair?

Well, when we workout sweat covers the body. It dries us fairly quickly when you are not moving which covers your pores, which stymies circulation. That same process occurs in our scalp as well, it gets dry and sticky. Here is what you don’t do, you don’t wait for your regular hair washing days to shampoo your hair. Some people, they’ll have several workouts in
between shampooing and that’s detrimental. Your pores in your scalp need to breath just like the pores in your skin. You do not apply product on itchy, dry scalps. You must first wash your hair with shampoo and apply your products on a clean head of hair.

When you leave sweat on your scalp and let it built up over time you are going against your hair’s health. You are clogging your pores which lead to a very unhealthy environment that creates dry and itchy scalp. That’s one way to cause the hair to become dehydrated and brittle, both of which causes hair damage and shorten the hair strands’ life span.

How Do We Work Around That?

It is important to meet this challenge head on. It’s not all right to resign to an undesirable fate of having to choose one or the other. Like I said before, we can do both. This is where we must develop a plan and find ways to come up with solutions that are quick and easy. If it’s a convoluted plan it won’t last very long and we will get discourage. we want something that will last so it must be practical.

To conclude, it not that we are bad at dieting we just have to find a balance. I’m not making excuses when I say our hair is an obstacle when it comes to working out, as a woman I know. But, we must not let it stop us from achieving our exercise goals. The video above includes many great work out hairstyles for black women. If you want to keep your current
hairstyle Just set aside sometimes after your workout to shampoo and rinse your hair to get the sweat out.

How Take Care of African-American Women’s Hair When Exercising


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