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African American Hairstyle Videos – AAHV

Popular Natural Hairstyles for Black Women


Easy Natural Curly Hairstyles For Girls That Any Dad Can Do (Video Guide To Your Daughter’s Hairstyles)


Styling a little girl’s hair is not just mom’s job like society would have us believe. Dads can also get in the action. This guide is for all the wonderful man who wants to contribute in their daughter’s lives through bonding in this way. There are times when mom is tired, busy, not feeling well or whatever, and dad has to step into the fray of styling his daughter’s hair. Don’t be afraid. It’s a daunting task, but there are ways to do it in which it won’t be that hard.

This can also be serve as a relationship and trust building exercise for both dad and daughter. It’s the kind of activity that she will cherish forever. These are the stuff great memories are made of.

Ladies, as long as your man is open to learning feel free to teach him some tricks, and have him watch these videos.

The Twist Knots

Sometimes a little coaching goes a long way especially as you can see in the first video. The little girl is very knowledgeable about her hair and the routine that she was able to coach dad throughout. You’re not always going to have kids that are that knowledgeable about their own hair care, but when you do you got to admit it’s a treat.

[covertplayervideooptin troptinsid=”cpoptin1″ trvideoid=”cpvideo12″]

The Daddy Sock Bun

Our next simple father and daughter hairstyle is the daddy sock bun from dadsdohair.com. This is an easy bun hairstyle using daddy’s socks. A clean one. All you need for this style is a brush, hair gel, and lastly a hair band. You can’t go wrong with the daddy sock bun hairstyle.

[covertplayervideooptin troptinsid=”cpoptin1″ trvideoid=”cpvideo13″]

The Ponytail Fancy Twist

One of the easiest style to teach dad is the ponytail. Here you’re not dealing with many parts. All you’re doing is gathering all the hair together and pulling it back, and add some accessories to to fancy it up. That’s all. You don’t have to go all out mini twists, I realized that’s a tall order for most. But we can have some fun with our ponytail by adding a couple of twist to it.

[covertplayervideooptin troptinsid=”cpoptin1″ trvideoid=”cpvideo14″]

For a full on tutorial on how to detangle, wash, deep condition and how to style check out a father’s guide to your daughters curly hair care article from naturallycurly.com. They dive in deep to the most important issues.

That’s it gentlemen. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to do this. When you have time try out various styles and see which one caught on. You’re little one will be happy no matter what you so have fun in the process.

Share any hair tips that you have for men and if you’re a man yourself tell us about your experience. Thank you

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