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Two Simple Ways To Make Jumbo Knotless Braids For Beginners

How are you doing under the quarantine? Here is a knotless braid tutorial for the corona quarantine. If you’re a beginner to knotless jumbo braids, fake it till you make it… This is the advice given by Ambre Renee. I think that’s sound advice for those who are learning certain new skills. Start off by parting the hair, you can always get an assist for the back by whoever is around.

First Method

In order to make sure your braids are the same size every time, you need to section the hair off the pack all at once. Once you have the hair sectioned you need to part if further into three parts to start braiding.

Two Simple Ways To Do Jumbo Knotless Braids on Yourself. Or

A Way To Fake it till you make it…

Your hair needs to be parted into three as well to start your braid. Place the weave under your hair so that you can hide the knot. Start the braiding pattern over, not under, to keep your real hair showing instead of the weave. As you continued braiding over, your hair will be shown and on top. By concealing the knot, it gives the illusion of your hair braided. The result is a perfect jumbo knotless braid.

Second method

This method is similar to the method that was described at the top. Separate a section into two smaller sections then part it into three sections, you need to watch the video for the visual. Then do your three strands on one of those sections. From there, it’s the exact same step of placing the weave under and then braid over it.

After you begin your braid, slowly feed in the rest of the hair that was left out for the section. According to Renee, it will look like you’re doing a french braid.

Difference Between Methods?

The second method is the reverse of the first method. The difference is you will not see the knot on the underside of the braid like you see in the first method. As she suggests in the video, if you plan on putting your hair up a lot, go with the second method that way the knots will be concealed. From there you’re free to do whatever you want

At the end of the day, it’s up to you as to which method works the best. We’re all quarantine right now so it’s a great time to experiment with your hair.

I hope that was helpful and if it was, follow Ambre Renee through her channel. Trust me… there are lots more goody where that came from. The hair that was used for this style is the Janet collection 84″ pre-stretched hair.

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