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Stylish & Badass Jumbo Tribal Braids To Try

I don’t know about you but sometimes I look for braided hairstyles that will give me a fabulous and glamorous look. I came upon this stylish jumbo tribal braids that might just do the tricks, hopefully for you as well. Jumbo braids aren’t necessarily unique, they’ve been around, but combining them with tribal braid styles make them pop. Check out the video

If you’re looking for ways to finesse your baby hair effortlessly and you want to take your braid game to the next level, we recommend this feed-in braid. What’s more impressive is that you can apply various colors to make them pop even more. You might want to try some accessories to bedazzle it. I know some of you aren’t fans of long braids, don’t fret it because this jumbo tribal braids style can be shorter by adding less hair.

jumbo tribal braids

Adding heat before braiding is not something I do and as she suggested in the video is not required. Another option is to blow it out because when you braid it down you can use molding products to lay it down just fine. Love how she slays those edges though, that’s the bomb! And I love how thick, neat, and sleek the braids are. Btw… they are pop smoke inspired. This is really cute!

jumbo braids

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