You Might Think Doing Top Knot Ninja Buns On Short Hair Is Hard, But These Videos Show Differently


Twisted Top Knot Ninja Bun on Super Short Hair:

Top knot Ninja buns have been in style for some time I’m sure you’ve noticed the trend. But, if your hair is super short, how do you get the same look? This video shows you how to do it with minimal to little effort, if at all. She also shows how to accessorize this style with gold hoops. Please enjoy!

Top Knot Ninja Bun With Braiding Hair:

This top knot ninja bun hairstyle was created using Kanekalon braiding hair. It’s a style that works for all lengths and if you want to achieve more thickness or height this will work that too, just add more braiding hair to the bun.

If you are into the ninja bun or Top knot buns, then I hope these videos were helpful for you. Personally, I’m not a big ninja bun fan or I haven’t found one that captured me, but I can certainly appreciate the appeal.




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