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How To Get A Perfect Wash And Go On Natural Hair And Why You May Not Want To Do It? Huh… We’ll Explain!


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Are you looking for that perfect wash and go that’s easy, simple and doesn’t cost a fortune in buying hair products? Well, this video is for you. This is an easy, yet effective, wash’n go routine for your natural hair. There is no need to be spending multiples of hundred of dollars in hair products when the solution to the perfect wash’n go doesn’t cost very much.

In this wash and go video tutorial, you will realized in order for you to get the perfect wash and go you do not need a lot. To put it simply, you only need one product and that’s the Aussie Moist. Aussie Moist works really well when used for styling, co-washing and when you’re deep conditioning. That’s great, now to why you may not want to do it.

Why You May Not Want To Do It

There is counter narrative being made, in the natural hair community, that doesn’t support the wash and go routine for all hair type. I know this is a bit confusing, alfer all this is a video tutorial on the perfect wash and go method; but, I don’t just want to post video tutorials and call it a day I also want to educate my followers. I have found that there are compeling arguments being made about this, I think you should do the responsible adult thing and find out for yourself whether this is true for your type of hair or not.

The arguments is made for those that have type 4 long hair. I found an article that articulates this point very reasonably so I will link to that article here: 5 reasons wash and go don’t work on some natural hair.

If you don’t have type 4 hair then this isn’t pertain to you so you should proceed with the video tutorial. I hope that helps and please leave your comments below as to what you think about this issue or just comment on the video. Thank you sistas.


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