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Here Is A Video Of 10 Ways To Stop Your Hair From Breaking. #4 Is A Double Edge Sword. Ouch!

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Why Is It Happening

Hair breakage is something that many women experienced. There are no racial barrier to this problem. One thing for sure about nature is that it’s all inclusive. The reason why this happen varies among individuals, which is probably why you’re here. Looking for Answers. So today, we will discussed hair breakage. I’ve posted a great video for you above to start with, but I wanted to go a little bit deeper. I feel like this topic deserves some recognition.

If you follow bad regiments or techniques the hair will split apart before completing its life cycle. It can be upsetting seeing your hair shedding every time you touch it. It’s imperative to get to the causes of why it’s happening.
This diagram below shows various ways split ends could occurred.
Split Ends

It may not always be your fault.

It may not be a particular something that you’re doing. Hair shedding happens naturally. It’s part of life. The same way that we grow old. So it’s important to understand this natural dynamic to begin with. Things like hormonal aging; environmental which includes things like pollution, too much exposures to the sun. These, along with some other causes may not always be things that we can control. They are product of our environment. Please keep that in mind.

What you can control

Over processing from heat or relaxer is a major cause. It causes your end to fry, and that changes its textures. Breaking can be the result of overlapping different chemicals like: Relaxers, texturizer, color etc… These chemicals change the bonds of your hair textures. If that’s you make sure you lax the use of some of these chemicals. I have included below a list of things that you might be doing that contribute to your breakage. So please check them out.

Excessive Heat Usagehairbreakage
Dry Hair
No Protein Balance
Over process from a relaxer
Color Treatment
Not Sleeping in a satin silk scarf
Not Using a wide tooth comb
Un-proper detangling
Not enough or too much moisture
Medication that you’re on
Protein overload

This is a detail list I’ve copied from the video above, so I didn’t think it was appropriate for me to go into more details regarding each one, obviously; since she had already gone into it in detail. Please watch the video. As you can see from the list above there are many reason why your hair could be breaking. Make sure you do your research to find out why. This video is a good start, hence why, I’ve posted it.


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