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When You See How Whitney Preserve Her Twist Out Overnight, You’ll Be Impressed

Check out how I preserve my natural hair Twist Out overnight, without re-twisting! This is my super easy, lazy girl’s method that literally takes one minute to do. I hope it helps! XO! Nap

My Softest + Most Defined Twist Out Technique
How I PINEAPPLE My Type 4 Curls – Preserve Wash and Go Overnight

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  1. Heyyy! You did a video a few months ago showing how you pree-poo with aloe vera, you said you would make a follow up video . I know you’ve been pregnant so I know you’ve been going through a lot. I just want to know if you still would do a follow up video?

  2. NEW Video is Up!! #NaturalHair Watch How I Preserve MyTwist Out Overnight – NO Re-Twisting | My Lazy Method” XoXo!! ????

  3. Womp. This weather won’t let my hair be great… thanks for the kind words!! Working on a bunch of new vids for you guys but it’s not easy making vids with a newborn, so please bear with me! Working as quickly as possible! Xo! ????

    • Naptural85 don’t worry I’m not mom but I understand how the life with new born I help I worked with new born in homes and I know it situation more time for the litle baby’s and less time for you we understand ????

    • Whitney you have good tips. Thank you for sharing your method with us. Your hair looks so so beautiful most of the time. I really like your tutorials and most of your videos. Thanks for what you have contributed to the natural hair community. YOU ARE ONE OF THE BEST! You Rock! Have a great week!

    • Naptural85 Hey! Congratulations!!! I just put together Olivia and Theo after reading a comment out loud ???? Are you by chance a Cosby Show fan or it that coincidence? Love You, your family and this wonderful channel????????????

  4. In the Caribbean we cant even use “summer” as a bad hair day excuse ???????? its always summer.. ????????????

    • Roneica Williams speak the truth and speak it always! loool “summer” all year round. ????????????????

    • Raven K GIRL YOU speak the truth. I wont even dare working at a theme park girl. I STAY WITH OLD FAITHFUL BUN ????????????????

    • Doreen Patterson Shooot im ready to go there and Ireland. Cool overcast let’s swap yall. THIS SUMMER HEAR IS AWFUL!!!

    • Hey Dre Koolkid! If you can’t get it into one low bun, try two low buns (one on each side) and it will work well! You just need to be able to get your hair into a COMPLETE low bun for this to work… and try not to pull the hair too tight while doing so ????????????

  5. Sis ur hair getting soo long ❤️❤️❤️????soo beautiful ????????❤️do you have any idea how ur retaining ur length ❤️????

    • XO! Thank you Sameera! Keeping my ends strong and healthy help me to retain the length! ???????????? (Also moisturizing, of course)

    • Naptural85 ????????????❤️❤️u came back for me thank ????????????????????????????????thank you for replying i wil keep that in mind ❤️❤️????

    • Unfortunately the humidity of the day got to my twist out already, so that’s pretty much how it looked by the end of the first day. I wish I had filmed again prior to setting it at night so you guys could see, but I didn’t think about it until I was editing. But just know that this method will preserve your hair in whatever state your hair is in, at the very moment you set it. It won’t change it while you sleep. ????????????

  6. Hi My Sister,
    I give all Praise to the Most High!
    I desperately need your help. I have long thick hair. I got very sick almost to the point of death and I was not able to comb my hair. My hair is tangled in a large knot and I need help Detangling it. I tried everything and it got worse. Please help me!!

    • Queen Cleopatra F Simmons use generous amount coconut oil or olive oil with Trader peppermint conditioner overnight. That will help to loosen knots.

    • Queen Cleopatra F Simmons Steam your hair first. I dont have a steamer. I have a regular portable bonnet dryer. I rinse my hair to get it soaking wet. bloat out the excess water. Only until it’s not dripping like crazy. You want it wet. Put a plastic shower cap/plastic bag over it. Sit under the dryer for about 20 minutes. The steam will moisture your hair. moisturized hair is easier to manage. Afterwards you can use condition and oil to gently detangle. Good luck.

    • Queen Cleopatra F Simmons, I have kinky hair and COCONUT OIL is my go to with lots of patience (I.e, work in small sections). Homemade flax seed gel is also another good detangler for me when I have it available. Yes, you can also use them together if you need to.

  7. A nope for my fine hair. 🙁 my hair would be straight as heck in the morning. 🙂 but I love this for high density thicker hair. Simply Gorg!

  8. Whitney, you could put ketchup and pickle’s juice and your hair still look amazing. Btw, your big hair is back from the color damage, so YAY to that! ????????

  9. Am I the only one who struggles to keep that slap cap on my head at night??? It’s usually anywhere BUT my hair in the morning ????

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