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Ways To Make Your Hair Grow Fast Even If It is Damaged

Are you doing everything possible under the sun to have longer and lasting hair growth? If you do not see growth, maybe there are certain things that you’re not doing which would improve how much your hair grows. Check out the video below for an understanding of healthy natural hair growth even if your hair is damaged.

In order to grow hair naturally, you must understand what growth and retention is all about. Hair retention requires concentrated effort on your part and that makes all the difference.

Some of you are super busy and that might require you to seek professional hairstylist help, but some of you don’t have the money to do that. This is where this video comes in to help. I hope the video spurs some conversation in the comment. If not, you can be that one that starts it.

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  1. Hi my name is Sthembile Ngcece from South Africa, I’ve got a problem of loosing a hair liner I’ve tried many product but still not coming back please help


    • Simple sister: no tight braids, use virgin Haitian Black Castor Oil on your roots and Virgin hair fertilizer, massage the scalp well for deep penetration, alternate products weekly, sleep well, eat fruits and lots of leafy greens like watercress and spinach also if you must drink plenty of wate,r like a gallon a day if possible, Stick to the routine and in 3 months you’ll see MAJOR improvements!!!

  2. I have a bald spot on the top of my head and near The front of my head do you know is there a way to let it grow

  3. Hi! I would be happy to help anyone with their hair concerns. I sell and consult for an All Natural, Anti Aging Haircare Line. Our products are clinically proven to restore hair to its natural state. We are backed by the National Hair Loss association and are leaping Bunny Approved! Feel free to email me with any questions !

    • Hi Harvetta,
      All of our products are hair specific – I would need to know about your hair type and scalp before recommending any products. That way, I can customize a routine just for you! If you’d like you can send me an email – kokerstrom@gmail.com or message me on Instagram @kelsey_lianne – whatever works best for you!

  4. My hair is growing, hi ever I think it could stand a little thickening interested in products that can help it get thicker. My hair has grown about 11 inches in the past year & a half.

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