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DIY Butterfly Bob Hairstyle You’ll Be Obsessed With

Hey, Naturals, In today’s video, Adanna shows us how to achieve a faux locs protective style. This style also takes you through her process of creating these butterfly locs bob. Now is the time to transition to a new fall look, and this butterfly loc bob is a cute and gorgeous style to transition from the summer.

Faux locs, which can cost you some money to purchase and install, are excellent protective design. As opposed to full-on box braids, which can take time, DIY faux locs don’t require too much time or a whole lot of effort. Instead, your stylist will undoubtedly focus on treating your hair beforehand and on aiding you to understand the procedure for maintaining this DIY faux loc butterfly bob healthy and beautiful for as long as you keep them installed.

Like most hairstyles, it’s going to take some experience working with faux locs for a while. If you’re new to it, prepare to invest some time first in washing and drying (recommended), then braiding, and crocheting– for some, this might be an entire day’s work; thus, the money saved. Once the washing, drying, sectioning, braiding as well as crocheting is complete, you’re set for weeks of a hairstyle that you can count on.

Even if you have your desire DIY faux locs bob, that doesn’t say you need to allow it to sit there. You can mix it up by looking at social media for various hairstyle inspirations that you can do to spice it up even more. There, you will find some on Youtube or Instagram that have nailed the look and turning that taxing venture into a gorgeous hairdo. They’re here to assist you to take your faux locs and change them into delightful high or low ponytails, and also a lot more.

I hope you find this butterfly locs tutorial helpful while showing you how to achieve this distressed bob locs look. Hope you enjoy and don’t forget to like and comment

How would you style this differently?

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