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These Burgundy Box Braids Tutorials Are Great. Made Us Jealous We Didn’t Come Up With Them First

Burgundy box braids are one of the hottest hairstyles for natural and transitioning hair. This is based on its beauty and protective properties. The summer may be winding down, but protective styles are just getting started.

Cool Ways To Style Them Braids

Burgundy braids are here and they are poised to dominate the rest of the season. However, it’s important to remember this style isn’t new and has various ways and colors to style it like red, blue, light, pink, spring, and auburn box braids. This head-turner hairstyle will make you want to switch up your looks in an instant.

Box braid is an African-originated way of doing hair and this rich, noble hue that is burgundy is a great complement to your braids. The burgundy color adds a brighter edge and high-fashion hue to your already glamorous braided hairstyle. In essence, you’ll have no choice but to turn heads everywhere you go.

Burgundy Braids On Dark Skin

The beauty of this gorgeous color is it goes with any skin tone. Whether you have lighter or darker skin tone, and it will easily, without hesitation, blend-in with any hair type. Burgundy is not your only choice when choosing a color, remember, you can go with red, blond, or anything in between.

Look for inspiration, no further than, down below through videos and pictures before you try any of these styles. Be a part of the conversation with these amazing styles.

Burgundy Goddess Braids Tutorial

Simply put, goddess box braids are gorgeous. When combined with the burgundy color they stand out even more. You don’t need us to tell you, see for yourself from the videos and pictures below. These burgundy goddess box braids can also serve as a protective style that keeps your hair neatly put away from missuses and environmental harms. If you want to learn how to create the perfect goddess box braids using burgundy color, check out this video for a beginner-friendly tutorial.

goddess box braids

Burgundy Bohemian Box Braids Tutorial

If you haven’t already, add burgundy bohemian box braids to your wish list of cute hairstyles to try. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. They are the biggest braid or protective style fashion trends of the summer. Grant it, this isn’t some new head-turning style – box braids have been around for some times, but the bohemian update is rather recent. The boho update is casual in nature and has a cooler look to it. This is a perfect style that will give your box braids that invigorating look. Below are a couple of easy video tutorials on how to add these styles to your repertoire.

Knotless Bohemian Box Braids

long knotless burgundy box braid

70″ Bohemian Goddess Box Braid Tutorial, Rubber Band Method

bohemian box braids

Burgundy Box Braids With Curly Ends Tutorial

Box braids are amazing. But, if you want to add more fun to the mix, then let the curly ends out. In this video, you’ll be shown how to achieve those amazing curly end box braids. They add the youthfulness element to your hairstyle.

How To Do Box Braids With Curly Ends

curly ends box braids

We hope this was helpful in deciding whether burgundy box braids are for you. We think it is, but it’s up to you to decide. Leave your thoughts in the comment below. Which Style do you think will suit you best?

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