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Who Knew You Could Do So Many Great Hairstyles With Bantu Knots… So Cool!

Dying to figure out a sexy style to primp your hair into this evening? Perhaps it’s time to go back to a beautiful classic, or perhaps it’s time to shake up that beautiful classic and add some zest to it. There’s much you can do with this well-known hairstyle, which is the thing that makes it so brilliant and beautiful. So, what hairstyle do you think this could be? If you guessed Bantu knots on natural hair, you are correct!

Both sensual and traditional, the Bantu knot comes in many shapes and styles. Depending on your mood, you can go with the more classic Bantu knots on natural hair, or you can add some sexy spice to it with a mixture of curls. Are you curious as to how you can create these looks? Keep reading and you’ll get an overview of some gorgeous hairstyle statements you can make with your Bantu knot.

Medium Curls Plus Bantu Knots

Our first look is a more spiced up version of classic Bantu knots on natural hair. Natural hair with a shorter, tapered cut can turn into medium-sized curls via the use of perm rods. Before placing the hair into the medium sized perm rods, it’s important to use a moisturizer, and a combination of coconut oil and leave in conditioner. Don’t forget to add some gel for extra hold. After setting the curls, you need to twirl them out in the direction you want your curl to go. This action will create an effective medium-sized curl. The curls can then be varied up with Bantu knots varied up over the top of the head, making your hairstyle a blend of knots and curls that will make you look like a rock star.

Large and Small Curls Plus Bantu Knots

The next style is also a zesty cross-combo of knots and curls, with additional curl size variety to boot. For small curls with natural, short hair, a small roller perm rod set produces excellent results in the back of the hair. In the front of your hair, where you usually have greater length if your hair is short, set larger perm rods for larger curls. This look will give you a bit of beautiful variety, adding some spice to that short haircut. Follow up the curls with Bantu knots in both the front and back of the hairstyle for a stylistic finishing touch. The curl variation mixed in with the Bantu knots will create a knockout look for an evening out.

Simple Bantu Knots

If you want to skip the curls, you can go straight to the Bantu knots with a few simple steps. Start by sectioning off your hair, and remember to use a moisturizer on your hair in combination with a gel for effective hold. Then, take a brush and smooth out the hair sections so that there are no loose ends sticking out. For each section, twist your hair into two strands and then complete your Bantu knot. By doing this, you will get a lot of extra volume and depth to your look, even if your hair is not thick.

Larger Bantu Knot

For larger Bantu knots on natural hair, start by separating your hair out once again. Remember to add your hair moisturizer and gel for extra hold and a more successful look. Twist your hair around itself until it forms a knot-like stack. Then, remove the knot and notice your hair looks like a corkscrew curl. Take your fingers for control and comb or adjust the curls to make them as tight or loose as your style desires.

So, which one of these fashions will your hair be wearing this evening? Obviously, that choice is up to you, but the most important thing to remember is to pick the style that defines you at the moment to reflect on your mood and personality. That way, you not only get to wear a rocking hairstyle, but you also get to promote your freedom of expression.

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