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How To Turn An Old Twist out Into A Gorgeous & Slick Mega Puff

Breanna aka mini Marley is back for another tutorial. As you can tell, this is going to be a natural hair tutorial because these edges are laid, the hair is slick, and you guys have been requesting similar styles. If you have been dying to know how she gets her hair this smooth, this video got you all covered today.

The video below is sponsored by the Suave natural hair collection which you can use to create this style. This collection is excellent when used for a twist out. The Suave natural hair collection is one of the newest lines, specially formulated for women of color. This collection can be picked up on amazon.com.

You can start out with freshly washed hair and ready to be styled. Before you start twisting add the product to the entire section. First, begin with leaving conditioner by taking a good amount and applying it to the entire section. Make sure that all the sections are very saturated.

Next, go in with a little bit of that curl defining cream and add a good amount that’s enough for the entire section. After you’ve added these two creamy products in your hair, it should feel really nice and moisturized. Next, add castor oil by focusing that on the ends of your hair. That’s pretty much the only place you should want it. It’s a super thick and heavy oil.

These products will give you a lightweight twist out so you don’t want to add too much oil that’s gonna weigh it down. Section-off the first part of your hair and now we’re gonna go in with our define and shine serum gel. Use one pump of that adds it to the section. Run a Denman brush to it one time making sure those curls are really nice and defined. Start your twists and brush out the ends a little bit if you need to along the way. We want to make sure we keep that definition. Keep these curls just nicely wrapped around each other and that is how you’re gonna get a nice defined twist out.

Don’t be messy with your twist and don’t be messy with your takedown. Coil the ends around your finger and before you let the twist go, if you want to do that, just slide your hand down to get rid of that excess product. By the time you’re done twisting they should look pump, juicy, and moisturized.

The Take Down And Creating The Slick Mega Puff

Gently take out the twists. Lay those edges with some gel just to polish off the look. Here is how to stick your hair back into a puff. Before you turn it into a puff you can rock this twist out for days. Your hair should still be soft. Now we’re ready to pull back and slick back. First thing you do is take your tail comb and just part your hair down the middle. You want to make sure that it’s nice and perfect because that is the look that we’re going for.

Take your time and be really precise with this. Pull the hair back kinda halfway, you will definitely need a scrunchie or rubber band. Now we’re just gonna pull back the hair and position it exactly where you want it in the final style. we’re gonna fix it later but you kind of just want to position it how you want it when we’re finished. At this point let’s let the video finish the rest.

This is pretty much what it’s looking like as you can see a super slick and the edges are laid, the curls are popping from this old wash’n go. I hope that this tutorial was easy for you to follow, and hopefully, you picked up some tips. We’ll definitely be back soon for another video.

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