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Beginner Friendly Jumbo Box Braids W/ Highlights And No Rubber Bands

Hey ladies, in today’s video we present you with some easy no tension jumbo braids. If you are interested in how this look was created, keep reading. We also have the video that features this great jumbo braids protective style as well.  

For starter, section off the hair by creating parts for as many braids as you wish. Apply some of the almond Jay twisting butter and a lot of body edge control on each section. You can braid your hair however small or big as you want.  You can go with big jumbo braids, like in the video, because you might not be in the mood to do anything smaller; and plus, you don’t know how this method will turn out.

jumbo braids

Add edge control on each section, don’t pull on your natural hair and always make sure you’re starting each braid in the middle or as close to the middle as possible. Braid your hair down about an inch, no need to go further than that. It’s fine if your parts are messy and your braids are too big since you’re just trying out this method. Don’t be trying to be perfect!

Start with two sections of hair and grab your crochet needle and crochet the hair through the braid. The braid is taking the place of the rubber in the rubber band method so it’s less tension. Make sure you keep the pieces separate by holding one end and pull the other one through.

jumbo box braids

Then pull all four pieces through and start braiding and add some edge control on your natural hair. This style would be easier if you just lightly blow-dried the hair to stretch it out, for some of you, your hair might get puffy at the ends like hers. If your hair gets puffy try to tame that by adding some edge control.

Braid your hair all the way down and then repeats the process. What’s great about this method is that you don’t have to worry about any tension or anything like that.

Check out the final look for these jumbo braids. The hair that was used is the Janet collection 84-inch a pre-stretched hair.

These jumbo braids can last you a long time and you can do smaller braids if you want and have the time. For those who are cautious about too much tension that can cause breakage, we are not using the rubber band method and that may appeal to a lot you.

jumbo box braids

I hope this protective style will help many people out there who cannot do box braids and don’t want to do the rubber-band method. This is a great alternative and not only that is is also a great style for back-to-school. This is not only for students but also for teachers. This style is very inexpensive; you can use different hair for trying something new.

Tell us what your favorite protective style is? This is it. If you have any questions or concerns or comments, all that good stuff put them down below. We will talk to you ladies in the next video post. Bye!

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