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Most naturals big chop because they want to get rid of relaxed or damaged hair. Is that it? Or is it in the hope...
natural hair curlsvideo

Doing bantu knots on dry and stretched hair can make your curls pop out as if you were using a wand curl. Thanks to...
Twist Out Methodvideo

This two strand twist out is by the ever beautiful and gorgeous SunKissAlba and it is one of my favorite twist out for those...
high puff tutorialvideo

This tutorial shows how to get a sleek and beautiful high puff on short hair using a band and french braid. This style was...
big chop relaxed hair videovideo

This video gives a different view point when it comes to doing the big chop for the first time. I like that she did...

In this video, April Bee explains how she accidentally cut part of her natural hair. She was trying to remove faux locs she had...
Senegalese Twistsvideo

Today's video is how to style Senegalese twists. This tutorial focuses on 3 ways to style these twists. You will love how the twist...
Protective Stylevideo

Hello Naturalistas, this time we bring you something fun and elegant that will not only be stylistically awesome, but will also protect your hair....

'I love locs but I don't have the time to invest or the diy energy commitment that it takes to do it'. If that's you...
You Definitely Want To Try India’s DIY All Natural Leave In Detangler. This Is What Soft And Shiny Hair Are Made Of.video

This DIY all natural leave In detangler from India of My Natural Sistas deserves a gold medal for awesomeness! You never have to buy expensive leave-in conditioner when...
Fashion Week Inspired Stylevideo

Are you in a style rut? Here is a video to help revive your style. If you're a fashionista looking for a nice trendy...

This question is often asked, "can black people grow long hair?" The obvious answer to this question is of course 'yes'. With proper hair...



Welcome to A.A.H.V

This video blog is brought to you by Evonne; a wife, a mother, and an accountant by trade. Another important member of the team is my husband who’s help I rely on for marketing and technical support.

Are you interested in learning about black women’s natural hair care? Then keep on Reading on…

A.A.H.V is your home for beautiful and stunning Black women natural hairstyles from transitioning to natural hair and curly hair care in one place. We post a variety of hairstyles for black women from braid outs, twist outs, buns, updos, short natural hairstyles, natural hair types, wedding hairstyles, prom hairstyles, straight hair to natural hair care products, transitioning, and much more.

My husband and I, we want A.A.H.V to be more than just a blog. We also want it to be your go-to free online resource for black women hairstyles as well for natural hair care.

Our goal is to create a site where you’re not just reading articles, but experiencing the learning as well, which quickens it.

To put it simply, seeing something being done is much different from reading it on a screen, video is the best way to do that.

We take great pride in searching the best natural hair videos with excellent hosts. Check back daily because we are constantly updating our blog with the latest natural hairstyles and hair care video tutorials. Also, check out our Argan oil reviews

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