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Loved High Puffsvideo

Today's video is brought to your TheChicNatural. It's a sleek and easy high puff. What can I say it's a quick style Friday. In...
Big Chop Videovideo

It's always nice to see someone diligently summons the courage to not only do the big chop, but to do it themselves and record...

Fall is here and you know what that means...Chunky twist on short natural hair. Just joking! Fall has nothing to do with any kind...

Beautiful bang hairstyle for the fall. This is it - fall is almost here so get ready for protective stylings. This hair style is...
Maintaining My Hair Without Re-Twisting Nightlyvideo

If you have just gotten your hair twisted you probably want to keep it for more then just a day or two. In this...
Protective Flat Twist Ponytail Updovideo

In continuation with our back to school hairstyle - now that school is back in session - we're changing gear this time for two reasons....
Natural Hair Girls Be Likevideo

Hilarious!!! I was sitting on my desk laughing so hard that I almost fell off my chair. I'm in a laughing mood today so I...
Flexi Rod Set on Natural Hairvideo

Today's video is a flexi rod set on natural dry hair. With this style you get easy, bouncy, and soft curls. Keep in mind...
back to School Hairstyles for Curly hairvideo

Today's labor day, this for most people means Autumn is here and it's back to school. But, don't fret because I've got the perfect...
Natural Hair Two Strand Bantu Knotsvideo

I love this video, it shows a two strand bantu knots on dry, stretched natural hair. To say the style is gorgeous is an...
Balayage on Natural Hairvideo

Bring new look by Whitney of Naptural85. In this video, she talks about her new haircut and hair color experience at a salon. She...
Low Faux Bunvideo

As summer is winding down and school is about to start, I'm sure some of us are excited about that prospect and others are not...



Welcome to A.A.H.V

This video blog is brought to you by Evonne; a wife, a mother, and an accountant by trade. Another important member of the team is my husband who’s help I rely on for marketing and technical support.

Are you interested in learning about black women’s natural hair care? Then keep on Reading on…

A.A.H.V is your home for beautiful and stunning Black women natural hairstyles from transitioning to natural hair and curly hair care in one place. We post a variety of hairstyles for black women from braid outs, twist outs, buns, updos, short natural hairstyles, natural hair types, wedding hairstyles, prom hairstyles, straight hair to natural hair care products, transitioning, and much more.

My husband and I, we want A.A.H.V to be more than just a blog. We also want it to be your go-to free online resource for black women hairstyles as well for natural hair care.

Our goal is to create a site where you’re not just reading articles, but experiencing the learning as well, which quickens it.

To put it simply, seeing something being done is much different from reading it on a screen, video is the best way to do that.

We take great pride in searching the best natural hair videos with excellent hosts. Check back daily because we are constantly updating our blog with the latest natural hairstyles and hair care video tutorials.

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