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How To Triangle Part Box Braids You Need To Check Out

Sometimes you just want to do something new to your old and tired box braids. Well, introducing triangle part box braids, it is a unique way to style your box braids with glam. The idea is instead of using box shape sections, you part the hair into triangular sections that give a trendy look to the style.

Triangle part box braids

With a little creativity, you can accessorize these braids. Whether you want jumbo, medium, small, large, or with cornrows they’ll always get that cool and edgy vibe. We’ve put together some videos that feature triangle part box braids from basic tutorials on how to DIY triangular box braids to full out glamorous styles. There are colorful braids like blonde, burgundy or you can accessorize them with string, rubber band and or curly ends.

Check out the pictures and videos, you won’t be able to resist these wonderful triangle box braids.

Triangle Braids Tutorial Close Up & Parting Tips

Triangle braids are a particular edgy style. They are unique in the sense of the beautiful pattern they make. One way to spice things up is to add other color patterns, creating various color tones that will capture good attention.

There are several methods that exist on how to go about doing it, but this particular method is easy to follow and worth a try if you’re a beginner.

  • Pre part the hair which saves a lot of time and makes sure it’s all even.
  • Use edge control to smooth out each parting, you don’t want any fly away.
  • Using a rat-tail comb to create your triangle parts, but first, start parting the hair diagonally all the way through, and then separate top row from the bottom row.
  • Start from the bottom row first and then go back to do the top.
  • Start braiding in the extensions. This part is up to you how you go about doing it. Several methods are available to you.

Knotless Box Braids & Beginners Friendly

How To Triangle Goddess Braids Hot Girl Summer Edition

Large Braids Rubber Band Method

I hope that was clarifying for you. Some of these braid styles you can do yourself and others you have to see someone, either way, they are glamorously beautiful and long-lasting protective styles.

If you have any comments or questions regarding the videos or triangle part box braids in general, feel free to ask in the comment below. Either I or members of our community will answer them for you. Enjoy!

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