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The BEST Faux Locs Tutorial

How would you like to have your faux locs look like this?

faux locs

Imagine having someone to guide you through the steps necessary to get the best faux locs hairstyle. Well, this is it ladies. Having an excellent faux locs tutorial is just what you need.

Faux locs are just fake locs for those that want the look, however, doesn’t want to go through the process. If you’re scouring the internet for a tutorial, you just found the best faux locs tutorial. The entire process is recorded for you, from prep all the way to the end.

It’s important to go through the prepping process as that is the key to keep it from unravel, and looking gorgeous throughout. The last thing anybody wants is breakage. That can happen if your natural hair is not properly maintain.

I truly hope your found this tutorial helpful. Everything you will need to have a successful protective style using the loc extension method that’s in this video.  You can do your friends a favor by sharing this video tutorial with them. Go and try this yourself and if you don’t succeed, you can always see a stylist.

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  1. THE WOMAN YOU’RE USING FOR CLICK BAIT HAS NATURAL LOCKS THAT GROW FROM HER SCALP. TAKE IT DOWN RIGHT NOW!! It’s wrong and misleading. Your faux lox can be whatever to you want them to be. But this woman I know PERSONALLY and she has been on a lock JOURNEY. I will report tf outta you!!!

  2. Hello I need to know about shampoo/conditioner for locs then let me know .THANK YOU MUCH my text messages 662 310 4440

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