Here’s How You Can Install Super Long Goddess Faux Locs On Any Hair Type


In this video, Jewellianna shows us how she got her super long goddess faux locs on long curly hair. You can also do the same, if you have short hair, relaxed hair or transitioning hair, except in this case she happens to have long hair. Anyway!

Installing goddess faux locs can take time so beware of that before you jump in. Since it is a protective style it can last you several weeks, which it perfect. Even though it takes time to install, it still is fairly easy to do. check her out on instagram @jewejewebee

Products That Were Used:
6 Packs of the Cuban Twist (Kanekalon) hair:
2 Packs of FreeTress Crotchet Hair:
2 packs of gold hair clips
2 bottles of nail glue

faux locsfaux lox




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