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Here Are The 12 Beginning Products That Every Naturals Need When Transitioning Or After The Big Chop. #1 Holds The Key For Success


A quick video for those who just got done doing the big chop or transitioning to natural hair. I have other videos on the site on transitioning, I even did a transitioning series to follow. But, I believe it’s always nice to branch out and see what others are doing and see whether that works for you or not.

Something to quickly clarify; the title of the post above is a bit misleading because if you have watched the video you will see she only suggests 11 products. What I find is key to a successful, less frustrating transition is when she said, “starting out by excepting your hair, you have to love it”. To me that’s the #1 “product” this speaks volume. If you don’t love your hair then anything you’re doing to it will meet with frustrations and anger. First, you must let that go by excepting your hair whatever type it is.

I will categorize this video along with the others that way you can see them all in the same place. When transition to natural hair it’s always better to get the help and support of others who themselves have gone through that process. Getting first hand experience of someone who’s been there guiding you is key to success in any endeavor – transitioning to natural is no different.

This video covers the basics, meaning you get to see what is required after your big chop. This doesn’t mean you have to stay with these particular products. It is alright to branch out later if certain product doesn’t work well with your type of hair. I’ve gotten rid of many of the products I’ve started with a couple of years ago. I have found other products that work even better than the ones I started with. Instead of buying oil, I now make my own, which have been serving me really well for a while now.

It’s alright to have some help in the beginning, but remember it’s a personal journey, it’s one that you have to steer. The big chop is a daunting task, that’s because we believe our hair is sacred – rightfully so. What will help with such a task is remaining focus on your goal of what you want your hair to look like afterward. By using Pinterest boards to pin pictures of what you want your desired result to look like is a great motivator.

You can try many different products, but that doesn’t mean you have to become a product junkie. Keep what works for you best and jettison the rest. I wish you luck and much love. Did you do the big chop when you transitioned?

Natural  Start Guide to Hair Products

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