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African American Hairstyle Videos – AAHV

Popular Natural Hairstyles for Black Women


Simple Natural Setting Lotion For Black Hair And Leave-In Mixture To Re-grow And Re-thicken Natural Hair



We all can appreciate when someone, not under any kind of pressure, is willing to share his or her expertise for the common good of the whole. We are all grateful for that I think. This is a do it yourself (diy) all natural edible setting lotion for African American hair & leave-in concoction.

setting lotion for black hairThis setting lotion has a whole bunch of great used, most importantly re-growing and strengthening hair through stimulation of blood circulation. It is made out of healthy herbs that won’t hurt your scalp or skin. It is universal, which means there are many different ways of applying it: You can apply it as a natural hair cleansing rinse, makeup remover, leave-in conditioner, and facial astringent.

This recipe is also very flexible. This also means you can substitute many of the ingredients for other ingredients that go well with your particular hair type or texture. Your scalp may be more sensitive than most so you don’t want to add products that are too strong, even though all the ingredients have been carefully selected to be safe for the majority of folks. Replace or substitute ingredients as you need for you are not constrained in anyway.

There are certain things to avoid adding into your mixture as they will stymie its longevity, they will not help it. Honey and other forms of sugar should not be added as they will decrease the length of time the mixture last. Women who are pregnant, nursing; or have a high blood pressure or estrogen sensitivities should all exercise caution. Allergy is another common issue to watch out for, so this is why you should research all ingredients to make sure you are not allergic to any of them. Exercise some due diligence on your part before applying this solution. If you’re sensitive make sure to check with your physician if any of the ingredients in the video are too strong for you.

If you have experience permanent hair loss or if you have naturally thin hair this will help you keep your hair and reduce any additional hair loss. This is not a solution that will re-grow permanent hair lost. See your dermatologist for information on how to reverse hair loss.

Come back here and share your experience or expertise with us. if you have done this setting lotion and leave-in mixture for black hair then let us know what you think below. I’ve ordered my herbs already so I can’t wait to start applying it myself. Leave your comment below

Cautions: The information contained in this video is not meant to treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you have a medical condition please seek the advise and or treatment of a licensed medical professional.

DIY All Natural Edible Setting Lotion Leave In Recipe

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