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Repairing Heat Damaged Natural Hair



Hello Ladies,

Every now and then heat damage just happens…  In the event that it does there are ways of coming back from it and reclaiming your beautiful curls if they have been momentarily over fried.  I came across this video where she talks about products that she used to restore her hair to it previous non damaged state (somewhat).

In this video you will find the recommended products for getting your hair  refreshed and bountiful again, however, I do not recommend using heat on your hair especially if your intent is to grow long strong and beautiful curly natural hair.  I know there have been some ladies who have no problem dipping into both worlds, however, it is not the norm from my research.

You can check out this great video at the link above this post and enjoy it, please let us know if you will give it a try.

E. Salomon


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  1. I am sorry, but 35+ years in this business has taught me that conditioners are cosmetic only, and the only real way to repair severely damaged hair is to cut it off. I applaud those women that have decided natural is better, but the goal is to not damage it in the first place, not to repair it after it has been fried.

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