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Overnight Rice Water Routine For Thick & Healthy Natural Hair Growth

This year’s quarantine puts most of us out of work, what a great time to learn to care for yourselves. Why not start with our hair? This video is about how to make and apply overnight rice water for super-duper natural hair growth. If you’re trying to blow up your hair growth this summer, then overnight rice water might just be the method to try.

At the same time, there were some words of advice that were given in the comment section that I’d like for you to read.

I believe Rice Water is a starchy solution and not a protein. There must be something in the water after it sits and perhaps ferments that revitalizes hair. And listen folks, this is not a one solution fits all the same way. Each person’s hair and scalp will begin at different points of health and the results will depend on your diligence, adherence to protocol, your eating habits, your general well being, your sleeping habits, what you wear on your head at night, your environment, and genetics. Don’t just say that it did not work. Say it did not work for you. Then ask yourself why?Sunnyforever Always

These are some great point to consider. Another commenter talks about how this process has helped her grow her hair.

A month ago I watched this video, I commented here and I said I was gonna try it. Ladies, IT WORKS! I have been using rice water 2x a week. I’m so happy with the results, it automatically makes my natural hair pop, my hair now has volume and its lengthy now. So if you’re wondering if it works and contemplating on getting this routine please go ahead you never know until you actually try it.Jessica Kuli

This video is all about Overnight Rice Water Spray For Faster and Thicker Hair growth. It will show you how to make Rice Water for quicker natural hair growth.


Applying Rice Water

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  1. Yes I am on my hair growth journey. I have been doing it for 3 months now. I think I have seen some results.On the 25th of September I started incorporating the rice water and I used the simple recipe. I spray it into my hair and scalp and massage. I am going to compare results near the end of October. I did take a before picture. Thank you very much for information on hair growth.

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