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Over 40 and Natural



I have been receiving request to post videos that deal directly with the issue of women who are 40 & over but still want to know whether to go natural or not. Though this video does not contain any specific hairstyles, but the information is priceless. It is a talk by Twinkie2 on the subject of women over 40 who wants to go natural. Great pep talks if you are a woman who’s over 40 then this video is for you. I will be posting more videos on the issue later so keep checking back or crab our feed.

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  1. As someone who is over 40 and natural, it’s an interesting topic. I did notice that most of the YouTubers and other bloggers are on the younger side.

    I never thought that it had anything to do with age per se. The bloggers/vloggers are in the age range where using social media and the Internet to share their perspectives is much more common. I think that there are a lot more women over 40 out there who are natural, they just aren’t putting it out there in the blogsphere.

    My sister and I started a natural hair website focused on natural hair. We haven’t focused on being over 40 – just on natural hair information. I share this to say that we’re out there experiencing and talking about the topic. I really don’t think that age matters in terms of deciding to go natural. Natural looks good at any age.

    We’d love to share your video on our blog – great topic!

    • I agree natural hair doesn’t have anything to do with age. I was, myself, surprised that some people do think that it’s an issue. That’s why I found the video so interesting which led me to post it. Yes, Natural hair looks good on anyone, no matter the age.

      • Glad to see this. It would be great to see and hear the experiences of women over 40 who have gone natural. I’ve learned a lot from the younger women, but being over 40 sometimes has its own challenges as far as hair goes. Very much looking forward to this series. Thanks for doing it.

        • Thanks Lolita for your comment. I would like to know what are some of the hair challenges you have faced as someone who’s over 40? I guess part of why I’m asking this question is the willingness to know and learn what’s in store for me when I’m over 40.

          • Hi, sorry it took me so long to reply. Well, for me the first thing I noticed was a change in texture. My hair became brittle, and lost a lot of its gloss. It also became much drier and not as full. I definitely had to alter my care routine. I had to go natural. Relaxing, blow drying, coloring are now a huge no no for me. Weekly deep conditioning and hot oil treatments are a must. My Hair has always been long and grows really fast, though not as fast as it use to. As for covering gray, henna works well for me. Everyone is different, of course. This is just my experience.

          • I am a natural hair care specialist in the Los Angeles area. I am 39 years of age and there’s definitely a few differences. Firstly sisters younger than us…ie sisters born in the 80’s tend to have more confidence in their natural beauty and I feel it’s because they are born 20 years post the civil rights movement; they’re born in the age of the Cosby show. Of course there are exceptions. Another issue we face is changing our look 20 years into a career or 20 years into a personal relationship and it can present psychological challenges. The last issue I want to address is the fact that our hair texture changes. My hair for instance is getting straighter, a little lighter in color, I am growing grey hair and its a little thinner. I color my hair and take hair skin and nail supplements. There are all sorts of things you can do to keep your mind focused on enhancing your natural beauty, such as implement a work out regimen, speak with a holistic practicianer about herbs and supplements, balancing your hormones, seek out support groups that stay on trend with this growing industry, and feel good about being the awesome reflection of Divinity that you are!

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