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Use This Amazing Method To Get The Perfect No Heat Ultra Defined Curls


Hey ladies, today we’ll show you this super-easy, done in one hour, ultra-defined no heat curls. For this style, and like a lot of styles like this you can start out with stretched hair. Check out the video below on how to to get a no heat blowout.

If you’re wearing a middle part for the finished look, then go ahead and make that part. Take some of your favorite natural hair oil and apply that all over the hair, not so much that it’s greasy and weigh the hair down, but just a few drops so it’s lustrous and soft. Starting from the back and working your way forward section your hair off into medium sized portions. Comb it out to remove any tangles, and then apply some mousse for the absolute best set. All you need is to dispense about a quarter size amount of mousse, let it puffs up, then apply it throughout the hair.

Next step is to set it with flexi-rods. Obviously, there are many ways to do flexi-rods, but here are some pointers if need be, the way I like to do it is to place the midpoint of the rod towards the middle of the piece of hair, then wine the bottom of the hair around and wind going away from your face, once at the bottom smooth it around a few times so the ends are nice and flat on the rod then continue with rolling the top portion until it’s pretty tight to the scalp, and then bend the ends of the broad to hold it in place.

Again, detangle the hair, apply the mousse, and for this you want to apply just enough so that the hair feels damp and thoroughly coated, then start at the middle of the hair, wrap the hair around going away from the face, smooth the ends so they’re flat. Twist the top so it’s flush to the scalp and bend the ends to secure. You can use as many rods as you need for this.

Now for the secret weapon… A fan! this is what’s gonna help you get some quick no-heat curls. You just sit in front of it for about 45 minutes to an hour. Allow it to dry your entire head. Now the mousse itself dries and sets pretty fast especially when you use it on dry hair like we’re doing today, but this definitely speeds up the process and allows you to get a set that can hold especially in a really short amount of time.

After about an hour or so later, it’s time to take out the rods, just unbend the ends and twirl in the opposite direction to release. By now you can see the curls come out in super perfect spirals. Once all of the rods are out, separate for a nice full look by taking each curl and separating it into three or four pieces, and as you go along, twist the pieces around your finger in the direction of the curl so they keep their shape and don’t get any frizz.

Next, take a wide tooth comb and gently teasing the roots for a bit more volume. Then, use an edge tamer to tackle those hard edges. Smooth and brush them into place, and voila…! Your finished look

No heat curls

We hope this will become your favorite way of setting your hair for this type of style because it leaves your natural hair bouncy, soft, and plenty of lust with this ultra defined curls that will last. The result speaks for itself, the fact that you can get this look in about an hour with no heat is just icing on the cake.

Natural hair no heat curls

It is super healthy for your hair since you’re not using any Hot Tools, which for us, is the best part because healthy hair is critical.

maintaining no heat curls on natural hair

To maintain this style at night, take a chunk of hair about two to three curls worth and reroll it again in the same direction as before which is away from the face, and secure the ends. That’s it. Do that for your entire head of hair. It shouldn’t take any longer than 5 minutes at night. You don’t have to be super neat with this, and you also don’t have to apply any more products.

If you want to apply a tiny bit more oil for shine, as the days go on you can, but other than that I don’t find the need to apply anything else to my hair then just throw it on a bun for bed, and the next day take them down by separating and fluffing it out. The hair should get bigger, fluffier and fuller day by day. So yeah… that’s it with this quick no heat curly hair. I hope you all enjoyed this post.

Super Easy Way No Heat Blowout On Natural Hair.

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