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Unusual Methods & Hilarious Ways Most Of Us Have Tried To Grow Natural Hair Faster & How Simple The Whole Process Can Be


How did you grow your hair so fast? I’m sure it’s question that’s been ask since antiquity. So it’s not particular to our modern day naturalistas. It’s a very good question. As black women, we’ve been conditioned by society to except the lie that our hair doesn’t grow as fast as other ethnicities. So it’s only natural when we see someone who looks like us who have beautiful long hair to question how they got it and how do we get it too? That’s where the problems begin, because most of us think it’s the particular hair growth method that a person is using that’s making their hair grows, we don’t ever take into account other factors that might have and are still contributing to their success.

There are lots of miss-information out there when it comes to natural hair growth for black women. It’s nice to have someone pay a closer attention to that, and even makes fun of it. Hair is a touchy subject. Most of us want to know what to do to get it to grow over night. And that’s one of the reason why we’re being manipulated to buy products that so called “experts” say will grow our hair.

There is not magic pills, no offerings to the hair growth gods that will make this happen any sooner. This means that we must be patient with ourselves and be committed to whatever method we’re doing. This video shows the many embarrassing things some of us have done and are still doing to make our growth quicker and have our hair longer in no time.. Growing beautiful long natural hair is a great goal, but one that has to be worked on regularly.

For those of us who are mothers, we don’t just wake up one morning and find our child fully grown, it takes raising them well with love and kindness. The same principal can be applied to our hair, and yes, I know we don’t give birth to our hair, but I really do think it’s important to not just switch out a method when you haven’t given the one you’re on enough time to see result.

This is an important talk for many reason: It highlights the ridiculousness that comes with growing hair; where one has to do certain things, at certain time of the day to get result, it’s almost cult like. It also highlights the fact that no particular “method” is better than others, although I would argue some are better than most, but it’s the care and attention that you give to your hair that allows it to flourish.

Just keep it simple. That seems to be the trick. No convoluted plot to outsmart your hair into growing is required because, we all know, that doesn’t work. Check out the video above to watch her presentation and if you have anything to add to the discussion just leave your thoughts in the comment below. It’s a very important issue and your insight on the subject is most welcome. Let’s talk about this.

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