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African American Hairstyle Videos – AAHV

Popular Natural Hairstyles for Black Women


Use These 4 Easy Steps To Create This Splendid Micro Braid Style For Best Hair Growth Retention.


This is one of those styles that may not be easy at first glimpse to create, but will last for a very long time and help with hair growth retention since it’s a protective style. No weaves nor extensions are needed to create this ultimate micro braids gorgeousness. The style will work for those that are just now transitioning to natural hair. One of the best part of all this, besides how gorgeous it looks, is that it’s low maintenance. For most naturals, we know there are many benefits for having a style that’s easy to maintain. Here is the video:

[memberplayer id=”6039″]

You’re in luck because the stylist prepared a nice FAQ for us. Here it is if you have any question regarding this style check them first.






1) How long does it take to install and remove braids? It takes about 6-10 hrs to install, about 12-24 hrs to remove depending on length of hair and size of braids.

2) How tight should I make braids? Braids should not be installed tightly, as this could cause breakage traction alopecia and make them more difficult to remove. Braids should be installed tight enough that they do not easily loosen but loose enough that the hair curls into it’s natural curl pattern when wet to achieve a “Faux Wash-N-Go” look. This is especially important for those with 4A-C hair texture that may normally have difficulty achieving a “wash-n-go” style. If braids do not take on hair’s natural curl pattern when wet the braids are likely too tight.

3) How do I best remove braids? It’s best to remove braids while wet. The braids tend to swell when wet making them easier to remove. It’s best to do so with a water and Shea butter mixture or a leave-in or traditional conditioner that has good slip and moisturizing properties. Slppery elm or flax seed water can also be used for those who are purists.

4) How long do they last? The braids generally last 1-3 months depending on hair texture and length as well as how often the hair is shampooed. The less the hair is shampooed the longer the braids will last since water and too much manipulation will loosen braids.

5) How often should I shampoo this style? It is recommended that the hair be shampoo once a month as too much shampooing can loosen the braids and shorten the life of the style. It’s best not to use heavy, waxy or silicone based products as these will tend to build up on the hair and require shampooing more often. Pure Shea butter may also be too heavy for this style. Light oils or balms are best for adding shine and ACV or herbal rinses are light enough to remove light oils and prevent dandruff build-up while wearing this style.

6) Should I trim my hair while it’s in this style? YES. While hair grows well in this style it is a good idea to trim the ends to prevent breakage, single strand knots, split ends or tangling of ends. Neglecting to trim the ends will prevent the maximum retention of hair and prevent from growing out as full and thick as possible.

FYI: I, the stylist have been wearing this style with great success. (Pics at opening/closing of video). It has become my constant staple style of choice as it allows me to still style my hair as if it were loose but in a fraction of the time. It has allowed my hair to grow out thicker, fuller and healthier than any other style I’ve tried. I follow the above regimen strictly with amazing results. Though the style takes some time to install, it frees me from time consuming styling for up to three months, since I don’t have time for daily or even weekly styling. I do find that as my hair gets longer I need to make the braids slightly larger.



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