4 Guaranteed & Awesome Styles That’ll Make You Retain Length On Your Natural Hair Growth Journey


If retaining length is your concern, then you’re in the right page. For many naturalistas, retaining length is a daunting task. It’s not that the hair is not growing it’s just that it can not maintain the length for some reasons. This video isn’t very deep in the details, but there is enough here to get you started in the right mindset.

This is not a video on how to go from neck length to waist length the next day. For real though, who believe these things anymore. Your hair is growing, however, you are losing the hair you do grow through breakage. This video shows 4 guaranteed styles to grow your natural hair. Maintaining good styles, having a great diet, and keeping your hair moist regularly they all contribute to length retention. This video mainly focuses on styles, but we have other videos on the site that delve deeper into this issue. Check out the video below.

In the comment below share your advice on how to maintain length on natural hair

Natural hair length retention




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