What makes these voluminous spiral curls special is the fact that you don’t need curling wand or other super expensive tools to make them. In today’s video we’re going to look at how to get spiral curls using conditioner only on natural hair. This style is not complicated as it only require one product and that’s the Shea Moisture Super-fruit 10-in-1 conditioner. She co-washed her hair before she styled it and sat under hair dryer for an hour and half in order to dry the spiral set.

This works for all hair types and particularly great if you’re transitioning. This also works if you’re experiencing dry hair, it’s a great way to moisturize it. The conditioner is not a leave in, but she used it as such anyway. As you can see it gives her voluminous, bouncy and soft spiral curls. You can use oil on your hair after styling, but it’s not required. At night, just pull your hair into a pineapple; this helps maintain the curls all night long.





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