A Fresh Look At How Mini Marley Updated A Flat Twist Out From One Of Her Most Popular Videos


For those of you, who may not know what a flat twist out is, here is the basic. Flat twist outs involve separating the hair into cornrow sections, flat twisting it, and allow it to set before unraveling for your desired look.

If you want your curls to be defined starting with the root of the hair, then the flat twist out which lays the hair flat against your head, is the technique for you. This style is different from a normal twist out though.

For this video, she touched a little bit on the fact that it’s a sponsored video for the Slap. I’ll let her do all the talking about that. Watch the video. She made a few recommendation, one prominently is the Jane Carter Solution curls to go!

This is a great tutorial for those who cannot do cornrows, as there are many. Her flat twisting technique will work whether you know how to cornrow or not. Pay special attention to her partying method at the end, so watch the whole video.

Check out the video above for details on that updated flat twist out style turned out.




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