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How To Do Senegalese Twists Yourself

Hello Ladies,

Lately I have been really into the Senegalese Twists.  I really like how they are quicker to install than individual braids and yet they still give you that volume and length, not to mention the added benefit of protective styling while your hair grows in.

This video is great at explaining the entire process from start to finish along with the prep in between.  Some of the shots are a little hard to see, though you do get the gist in those instances and I think this is a really good tutorial to use as you are practicing the process in real time.

Let me know if you found this helpful in the comments section below…

E. Salomon


how to do senegalese twists yourself

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  1. you are talking to freaking much I just want to know how to do them so I had to skip through the video to see. No afience but shut up and breathe. Deuces and peace

  2. Thank you for posting this great video. I have been looking for ways to twist my hair I haven’t consider senegalese twist until now. I’m going to try it and report back.

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