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3 Beautiful Holiday Hair Styles For Short And Long Natural Hair Video Tutorial

Can you believe it’s almost Christmas already? The end of 2015 is right around the corner, how time goes fast. You’re probably here because you’re looking for natural hair style ideas for an office party, dinner, or family gathering whatever it is we got you cover. If you don’t know what to do, check out these simple holiday hairstyles for great inspiration.

It’s easy to search around and find hair style pictures that you’ll be inspired by, however video is a lot better than pictures – don’t get us wrong, pictures are great! But, you actually get to see how the styles are done, which put you in a better position to compare between them. Let’s get into it.

Holiday Hair with TGIN

First hairstyle is with Monic from Moknowhair. She shows us how to get soft, bouncy, beautiful curls with TGIN. Keep in mind this one requires some times to do, so if this is your preference then you need to set aside the time. But, the result will be gorgeous.

Products That Were Used:

  • Moisture Rich Sulfate Free Shampoo
  • Honey Miracle Hair Mask
  • Green Tea Super Moist Leave In Conditioner
  • Twist & Define Cream
  • Argan Replenishing Hair and Body Serum
  • Butter Cream Daily Moisturizer

Tools That Were Used:

  • FHI Heat Platform Nano Salon Pro 2000 Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Dryer
  • Softhood Deluxe Hair Dryer Attachment
  • Denman Standard Three Row Comb

Sleek Holiday Bun + DIY Satin Lined Hair Donut

The first hair style may have required a little bit of time, so we decided to make the second tutorial a breeze. When we say “a breeze” we literally mean that. In this video, Whitney shows us a easy sleek bun. Buns are gorgeous, but they are known to cause damage over a period time. This video shows a simple solution to help installing sleek bun with very minimal breakage or stress to your hair.

Don’t worry, you still get to turn heads at your holiday gathering without damaging your natural hair. It looks neat and well put together, but isn’t pulling at your roots, and you’re able to wear it all day long. She also shows how to add a satin lining to your mesh hair donut. This helps protect your hair and keep it moisturized.

Natural Short Hair Holiday Special

This hairstyle is for the naturals with TWA or medium length hair. If your natural hair is short and you’re looking for holiday hair ideas to do, look no further than this beautiful style that will inspire you for the holiday. There is a makeup tutorial as well. There isn’t much we can say about this style so we’ll let you see it for yourself:

(There are some promotional element at the beginning. You can fast forward or if you want you can participate)

It doesn’t matter what hair type or length, one of these styles is for sure will compliment your look. Whether you’re going for sexy, trendy, bold and elegant…one of these videos for sure got your back.

Which of these hairstyles will you rock this holiday season?

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