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African American Hairstyle Videos – AAHV

Popular Natural Hairstyles for Black Women


Best How To DIY Havana Twist Tutorial For Beginners


Havana Twist Tutorial

Havana twist hairstyles look amazing in any variety of hair types. One of the best hair to use for havana twist is kinky curly, which is the one that is being used in this video tutorial using the invisible method. It is flexible and easy to use. She’s going for a more thicker look which means she’s going for a looser twist type of look. This is a do it yourself type of tutorial, you can also go to a salon to get it done if you want.

How To Havana Twist Tutorial

This tutorial gives detail instructions on how to prep your natural hair, make sure your hair is washed with cleansing solutions like shampoo and conditioner. Apply some oil based product or oil itself to make the hair soft. The tutorial process goes like this, first part the hair into sections, twist small sections, and crossing the twisted parts in a counter-clockwise direction. Once you’re done, dip the ends into hot water to seal it. Follow the tutorial for how she applies a super easy way to twist the hair.

How Long Should You Keep It In For

It is not recommended that you leave this style for more than 8 weeks, 6 weeks is pushing it. If you keep havana twists for too long, they can damage your hair, and since your scalp isn’t being cleansed with regular washing, you might be prone to a scalp infection. Besides, you don’t want to keep something like that for too long or they start to develop frizz and not look so fresh anymore.

havana twist tutorial

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