Hello Ladies,

Today I am sharing a video post on flexi rods.  This is not the first video we have on this product, but, it is a very detailed video that lays out the entire process and therefore very beneficial to watch.

I have not yet had the pleasure of using flexi rods, but I have used curl formers and from what I can tell the curls are pretty similar when done.

Here is how it works  

With hair that is either blown out or just out of the wash, take a small section and apply whatever product you prefer as a moisturizer.  Once this is done take your rod and roll it up making sure that the tips of your hair are completely spun around the rod then curl until you have reached the root of your hair.  Continue this process until you have done the entire head of hair and you allow it to air dry.  If you are in a hurry you have the option of blow drying but it is not necessary.

When you are ready to take down the rods make sure that it has completely dried otherwise the curls will not hold and you will end up with a hot mess on your hands.  If you are successful you will have beautiful bouncy curls that should last for a least a couple of days.  Awesome!!!

E. Salomon





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