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African American Hairstyle Videos – AAHV

Popular Natural Hairstyles for Black Women


By Using The Comb Chase Method – Straightening Curly Or Kinky Hair Just Got Even Easier.


In this video, witness the simplest and easiest way to flat iron natural hair using the comb chase method. For those who may not know about the comb chase method it is, basically, the process of running a comb through your hair at the same time using a flat iron to straighten hair. As you will see in the video, the comb can be a fine or moderate tooth comb.

The idea behind using this method is you get a nice and smooth finish with way less passes. This method works for both relaxed and natural hair ladies. It may take some getting used to at first, but over time you can really make this part of your routine whenever you want. The best part is there is no extra equipment needed to make it happen.

Are There Any Benefits To Using This Method To Straighten Hair?

It is a great method to use to flat ironing fragile hair by limiting the heat you apply. You can use this method as a way to lessen frizz. In the video above, she blew dry her hair, however, some naturals are able to by-pass this step completely, which shorten your styling time. Heat penetrates much faster because the comb lift every strands individually and isolate them.

The benefits far out-weigh the complaints which there are some. It may take some time to get use to this process if you’re not acclimated. As was mentioned in the video it is best to do smaller portions, yes it takes longer, but you get better control and avoid many pitfalls. Be Patient!

Now you can achieve your desired straight hair look without any damage to your hair. It is recommended also that you use a heat protectant of some kind, I will post the product links down below for you all. Have fun doing the styles that you want and not be limited by lack of tools at your disposal.

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