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9 Ways To Get Perfectly Defined Curls Using Finger Coils On 4C Hair

If you have 4c natural hair and looking for a protective style that won’t cost you an arm and leg, Look no further then Finger Coils. With just a twist of a finger, you’ll be able to achieve defined, shiny, and beautiful curls that’ll last for many days or weeks.

Finger curls on 4c hair are super easy to do. Notice I didn’t say quick, they require time and effort. It’s not to say this process can not be fun. If you like to twirl or create spirals for fun, this process is in your wheelhouse.

Finger coils on 4c hair is a superb method for getting defined curls without braiding or twisting your natural hair. It is especially wonderful if you sport a TWA where you can’t twist or braid your hair anyway.

How To Do Finger Coils On 4C Hair?

As with most hairstyles, you want to start by washing, moisturizing, and detangling your natural tresses. Use conditioner to lock in that moisture. When detangling use a brush to help remove knots. This way your ends don’t frizz up. You want them to look nice and smooth. We’re not going into the whole procedures since there are videos below that touch on many of those points.

How Long To Keep Finger Coils On Natural Hair?

Coils can last a week and even more with maintenance. after a while, your coils will start looking dishevel that’s when you want to refresh and rehydrate them. That process is also talked about in the videos.

Will Finger Coils Grow Natural Hair

It’s a great protective style since you’re not pulling on your hair every day. There are many benefits of finger coiling that will help grow long natural hair. After doing it for a while, you’ll begin to notice an improvement in the overall health of your hair. Some may hardly experience split ends, which means less hair loss and faster growth.

Check out the videos below if you need more motivation to try finger curls on your 4c hair. The videos are helpful whether you have TWA, short, medium, long hair or Shirley Temple Curls.

Defined Curls On Short 4C Hair

finger coils on 4c hair

Super Curls On Natural Hair

finger curls

Maximum Definition On Short Natural Hair

finger coils on natural hair

Thick Coils On 4C Hair

Finger Coils On 4C Thick Hair

Finger Coils on Short/Awkward Length 4C Natural Hair

Finger Coils on Short hair

Beautiful Curls On Medium Length Hair

Finger Coils On Medium Hair

Shiny Defined Moisturized Curls on Tapered Cut

Finger Curls on Tapered Cut

Coils On Short Hair using only Two Products

Finger Coils On Short Natural 4C Hair

Cute Finger Curls For Summer!

FINGER COILS on Natural Hair!

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  1. Hi, I want to know what products do you use for the finger coils…. I want to try it, I’ve been natural for 2 years now? I’m excited ☺️

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