Get shiny, glossy, and beautiful natural hair in this tutorial. Guess what! You can do-it-yourself. Glossy hair with a bouncy curl looks healthy and beautiful. Every naturals want that. This method is great if you have dry frizzy hair and if you have a TWA it’s even better. Every textures are different so pay attention to the excess oil.

You begin this method by de-tangling your hair with oil and place them into sections. After sectioning, apply 5 minute heat intensity. Wet your hair first and smooth the first application of oil, do a second application of oil cleansing then rinse. Then apply conditioner twice, the first to remove excess oil, the second application leave-in. You do not have to use condition for this method to work you can use a wet and warm t-shirt to remove the excess oil.

Once you’re done removing the excess oil you can style your natural however you prefer. In the video she did a twist and stretch her hair using pins.

This method will work Fantastically if you follow the video closely. It has proven to work for many, just check the YT comments for this video. This method works best on Kinky Curly /3c/4a hair.




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