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[memberplayer id="3210"] If like me you have been wondering how people put together that frohawk look and you just could not figure it out; than you will enjoy this tutorial.

[memberplayer id="3201"] Curl Formers are an ingenious curlers that will take your hair from blazee to spectacular and without any heat.  Watch this tutorial as Whitney walks you through the.

[memberplayer id="3194"] I really love how her hair turned out with using the flexi rods in this tutorial.  I have yet to use this product, but I have used curl former and it never occurred to me to separate out the strands to complete the look.  

[memberplayer id="3186"] Taren gives a very in depth review on the Huetiful Steamer on how it works and the results that you can expect after just the first treatment.  I.

[memberplayer id="3180"] In this video you will see and very detailed tutorial on how to do flat twist along with protective styling.  She also goes on to give a full.

[memberplayer id="3178"] This is a great video tutorial on how to make your own shea butter using all natural ingredients.  I like how it is very simplistic and it looks fantastic.  

[memberplayer id="3142"] I like this video very much. The regimen that Francheska uses is probably the most widely varied that I have seen and yet I would love to give.

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