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Hair Care

There are a lot of myths and mistakes when it comes to caring for black women’s hair textures. So here at AAHV, we bust those myths wherever we find them. Video tutorials of experts on African American hair care for you to follow and get tips and pieces of advice.

[memberplayer id="3197"] There are many different methods for blowdrying natural hair.  This video is a tutorial on how to do it using the tension method.  It looks as though this method will work extremely well, but check it out and see how you like it....

[memberplayer id="3184"] This tutorial expresses some helpful tips and tricks to expedite your natural hair growth.  This is great if you are just beginning your hair journey and would like.

[memberplayer id="3182"] This is a great video tutorial on how to maintain your straightened natural hair.  Even I learned something new in this one.  Check it out and see.

[memberplayer id="3180"] In this video you will see and very detailed tutorial on how to do flat twist along with protective styling.  She also goes on to give a full product review on a few different products.  

[memberplayer id="3178"] This is a great video tutorial on how to make your own shea butter using all natural ingredients.  I like how it is very simplistic and it looks.

[memberplayer id="3174"] I thought this video was so genius, deep conditioning while you are out seems like such a no brainer, I don't know why I didn't think of it before. Great tutorial.  

[memberplayer id="3170"] In this tutorial she walks you through the process she uses to get her natural hair straight.  This is a great tutorial for learning the process and also.

[memberplayer id="3162"] This is a tutorial on how to trim your own hair and she even tells you good rules of thumb on how often to do it.  If you.

This is a cute quick and simple up-do hairstyle that is super easy to duplicate.  This should be one of many hairstyles in the arsenal of any natural...
You know those days when you wake up and your twist out isn't what is was the night before and you wish it was.  Watch as Francheska walks you through on how to maintain your twist out or other style in a few simple steps....
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