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African American Hairstyle Videos – AAHV

Popular Natural Hairstyles for Black Women

Category: Hair Care

There are a lot of myths and mistakes when it comes to caring for black women’s hair textures. So here at AAHV, we bust those myths wherever we find them. Video tutorials of experts on African American hair care for you to follow and get tips and pieces of advice.

This is a thorough kinky natural hair regimen for the beautiful ladies with kinky textured hair. It’s in two parts. Part one covers how to shampoo and deep condition your hair. And part two goes into some details about de-tangling and how to moisturize your natural hair. We begin with part one video above. Shampoo […]
Hello Ladies, There is a “new method” out there for hair growth (it’s not technically new) but it’s new to me, so I want to talk about it. It’s being referred to as the…’inversion method’. What is the inversion method? You Ask. Well, if you didn’t know, here it is; you simple put your head […]

Make Your Own Satin Bonnet

On Feb 15, 2014

Sleeping in a satin bonnet is essential for keeping your natural hair in perfect condition and ensuring it doesn’t get dried out and damaged while your are resting.  Either that or you can use

‘My Natural Sistas’ just posted a video of her big chop #2. While her confidence level is though the roof, I can’t say the same for me. I’ve done the big chop in the onset of my natural hair journey a couple of years ago. I’m very unenthusiastic about the idea of cutting my hair […]

Avacado Banana Hair Mask

On Dec 18, 2013

Hello Ladies, If you are looking for a great hair mask to replenish the shine and moisture in your hair then look no further.  This video tutorial will show you how to do a nice silky smooth Avacado

Hello Ladies, If you hair is shot like mine has been lately, then it may be time to do a deep condition.  This weather is just so harsh on our hair you can never do too many treatments. In this video you will be walked through a very simple deep condition method.  I like how […]
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