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How To Braid & Prep Natural Hair Under Wigs? With The Perfect Video Guide

Today’s post is how to prep and braid your hair for when you wear wigs or braid-out style. Let’s start off shampooing the hair in sections; you can do it in four parts which keep your hair nice and organized. For this post, we’re going to use the African pride moisture miracle shampoo. It has coconut oil and honey, and it smells fantastic with none of the bad stuff. This shampoo will give your hair a lot of slip, and it has a nice creamy texture that you might enjoy. Work that into your hair for a shinier and softer look.

Braid out hair and wigs

Rinse your hair out and twist it up, repeat the same steps within the rest of the sections. Move on to the next section; unravel your hair, saturate it with water, and shampoo. Take your time doing that. Once you’re done go ahead and twist that section back up. Sectioning the hair is a great method for those with long hair. We’re going to keep thesea sections for the whole process.

Use a soft towel or a clean t-shirt to gently pat your hair, while keeping it in the same section. Use the Moroccan red clay and shea butter detox and soften heat-activated masque, this mask is super thick a little bit goes a long way. This hair masque is a detoxifying and a restorative clay mask that uses clarifying benefits of the Moroccan red clay to remove impurities and product buildup in your hair. It also has shea butter which helps to replenish, moisturize, and tame any frizz that you might have.

Apply a little of the shea butter to and inside each section. Be sure you apply it from the root to the ends and make sure you don’t miss any spot. If you apply this just on the surface, you’re not going to penetrate the inside of your section. Twist your hair up and spread it on the rest of your hair.

braid out hairstyle

Use a plastic cap and sit underneath a hooded bonnet for about 15 minutes with heat. When the African pride heated bonnet is used it works wonders. Rinse the hair out. Once you’re done rinsing your hair, make sure you deep condition with heat. Your hair should feel like butter, soft, and fluffi. Your curls should be moisturized and have minimum frizz which is a plus.

Moisturizing The Hair By Doing The LCL Method

When wearing your wigs, this method will allow you to moisturize your hair in between days. Take a section out, part it in half, and use moisture butter. This does two things at once; it moisturizes and is a leave-in conditioner. Apply this from ends to root while detangling as you gos.
Repeat steps for each section.

To lock everything used the black castor miracle hair and scalp sealing oil. it’s not too heavy, particularly not as heavy as the traditional Jamaican black castor oil and it also smells nice. This oil has a blend to it; there is the black castor oil, tea tree oil, and soil bean oil. All of these oils promote hair growth and helps you retain length like the black castor oil, it helps nourishes the scalp, and promotes hair growth. Tea tree oil helps treat and protect scalp condition. Soybean oil improves moisture retention.

black castor miracle

Apply the buttercream, seal it with oil, and braid your hair. Individual braids work better, Feel free to take them out and moisturize them after a couple of days. Also, you can apply more oil to the ends just to make sure they’re nice and moist. Take a few bobby pins and gently pinned braids into the back like crisscross.

Put on your wig cap and this is exactly how you can wear your hair underneath your wigs, of course. You can pin the braids down in different ways to get the braids flatter. This method makes daily styling quicker and easier for those always on the run. If you don’t have time to do your hair daily, just pop on a wig on top of your braid as a protective style. This is a cute way to have a protective style, especially in the winter months.

On day three of protective styling with wigs, you can take the braids out and wear your natural hair. When Removing the braids in order to get a softer braid-out use the Strengthen and Protect Five Essential Oils with Vitamin E. This is an oil blend of castor oil, grapeseed, argan, coconut oil, and vitamin E. Use oil blends like this to add some extrae nourishment and shine to your braids.

Check out the video to see how you can achieve various style once you took those braids out.

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