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I’ve Seen Kinky Hair to Straight Hair Before. But This Is Something Else. Review Inside!

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BeautifulTexturesNaturallyStraightThis system can be completed in just 4 simple steps, and be applied to almost all hair type even if you have color treated hair. It provides manageability when straightening your hair. One of the active ingredient in the system is keratin amino acid with ph balance that resembles that of the natural balance of your hair.

Looking for manageability and flexibility? Try this revolutionary hair management system by the makers of African Pride, Elasta QP and Pro-line and a bunch of other products. This is truly amazing as it helps your hair become versatile and easy to manage.

If you’re a natural who prefers straight hair but don’t want to use relaxer to get there, then this is for you. Also, if you have a relaxer already this product prolongs the time you need to do touch-ups.

How is this different from a relaxer or keratin treatment?

The TMS(Textures Manageability System) doesn’t have any acid that bonds with your sulfide bonds, they are the ones that are not reversible. It infuses to the heat only activated bonds that are known as your salt bonds. The clarifying shampoo is used to break those bonds.

You won’t experience any damage or breakage if you follow the instruction. However, it is highly recommended if you have previous damage or have used dye, to not apply anything that will alter it in any shape or form.

Note: Things to Consider before you begin applying it

This is great, if you’re transitioning to natural hair or if you’re a natural who prefers straight hair.

If you have damage of any kind, consult your hair stylist before using this system.

Don’t reapply in less than a six week time period

If you’re suffered from any allergies that prohibit you from using the maintenance shampoo and or conditioner; you can use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner for maintenance if need be to keep it active.

depending on your hair you may need more than one clarifying wash day to fully remove the system, and fully revert your hair back to its natural state. Again check with your hair stylist for more details.

If you have looser curl patterns in the 2’s, 3a’s, or 3b’s you might want to stop blow drying after a few minutes with the interactive leave-in. Try not to process it for the whole 20 mins that they recommend.

Read! read! read!, the instructions before applying the system. If you don’t follow the system correctly you run the risk of it not working properly; that, in effect, might alter or interfere with the desired result.

Before TMS:

Beautiful Textures Naturally Straight TMS

Straight Hair:



Back to Natural


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