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Author: Eve

I transitioned to natural hair a couple of years ago and I'm still rock'n it to this day. You can get in touch with me by using any of the avenues below.

Check out this video tutorial of a walk through on how to create a Rihanna inspired protective style.  I like how it is quick and easy to put together and.

I had no idea that it was so hard to get rid of split ends.  I love how this product can take 1'8 of an inch off of your ends to ensure they are growing out in a healthy manner allowing you to keep your...

[memberplayer id="3078"] Learning how to care for your natural hair can be challenging at times to say the least.  This video is a compilation of 10 tips to keep you.

I really like this video on the chunky twist out's, I think the reveal is so well defined and yet open and free.  Check it out and see for yourself.

If you have short hair and you have a hard time coming up with different styles than check out this tutorial.  It is a very simple side twist paired with the afro which I think looks adorable.

[memberplayer id="3210"] If like me you have been wondering how people put together that frohawk look and you just could not figure it out; than you will enjoy this tutorial.

[memberplayer id="3207"] It is interesting to find different tutorials on blow drying, it seems everyone has their own unique style to their process.  This video contains direction on both deep conditioning and also the blowdrying process.  

[memberplayer id="3203"] Getting a simple routine down for you wash and go's is pivotal for success.  In this video check out how Jess does her wash and go's.  She does not use.

[memberplayer id="3201"] Curl Formers are an ingenious curlers that will take your hair from blazee to spectacular and without any heat.  Watch this tutorial as Whitney walks you through the process of getting them set without damaging your delicate natural hair.  

[memberplayer id="3197"] There are many different methods for blowdrying natural hair.  This video is a tutorial on how to do it using the tension method.  It looks as though this.

[memberplayer id="3194"] I really love how her hair turned out with using the flexi rods in this tutorial.  I have yet to use this product, but I have used curl former and it never occurred to me to separate out the strands to complete the look.  

[memberplayer id="3192"] Here is another great video that showcases how to do a twist out.  She refers to it as asymmetrical, however, I couldn't quite tell the difference but anyway.

[memberplayer id="3190"] I love this little girls hair and she is too cute.  Her hair is obviously well cared for and in this video they demonstrate how to do a.

[memberplayer id="3188"] I love this tutorial on the  bantu knots.  I find this style to be the most flattering of some of the others that I have tried.  I like how it turns out big and full of volume.  Check it out and see.  

[memberplayer id="3186"] Taren gives a very in depth review on the Huetiful Steamer on how it works and the results that you can expect after just the first treatment.  I.

[memberplayer id="3184"] This tutorial expresses some helpful tips and tricks to expedite your natural hair growth.  This is great if you are just beginning your hair journey and would like.

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